World decadence

Where is the world today? Analysis…

Today we must always go further, do more and be better than others. Today we must innovate to be above others. But what is going on today?
Yesterday, we were in the streets, today we manifest on internet. Clashes, settlements at the sight of the whole world, is that the modern world?
You have to make a report. To be able to express ourselves freely, we have all the tools for. But we must recognize that as soon as one of us deviates from the « right way » of the flock, it quickly becomes anarchy and we become outlaws.
Are you going to tell me that this is a deliberate decadence? Attacks, fights, lynchings, porn, selfishness … Are not we all human beings? The human being gradually loses its strength and quality, it is a fact. Has it always been like that? Does he know how to put forward only unimportant things whereas it is enough to really open your eyes and look deeply? But this world prefers to stay on the surface for fear of drowning. Yet, it seems to me that everything is running so that this one flows at the peak if the human does not react fast enough. How much longer will this hibernation take? Even though some of them are awake, unfortunately this is not enough to reverse the situation.
But how is it going to end, will it end like some books of Stephan King?

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