Women and employment

Soon the mother’s day! I therefore dedicate this article to all moms!


Over the years, the situation of women professionally speaking is profoundly transformed. I won’t make you a history course but be aware that education and the academic success of girls much contributed.
Today three quarters of women are employed. Early 2015, women have a rate of unemployment less than that of men.

Equality for all?

Equality between women and men, it is not yet for now! Although it evolves with time, there are still many differences.
Particularly at the level of wages and this in spite of the law of 23 March 2006 on equal pay. Men’s wages still averaged 24 per cent higher than that of women (Insee sources). Whatever the sector of activity, the most important differences are among executives with an average of 21.8% in the private sector.
Less than a third of women are now business but this proportion tends to increase. Thanks to the women’s entrepreneurship development plan, the Government plans to spend 30-40% share by 2017.

The trades which combine with that female

The trades where there are more women are often also less well paid. So we list homes helps, housekeepers and maternal assistants who represent 97.7% of women. Secretaries follow very closely with 97.6%. In these trades said « feminized » at the bottom of the list, we find interviews agents that represent only 70.5% of the female population.
The greatest evolution of women has been the manufacturing of electrical, electronics, computer equipment and machinery with about an increase of 4.1% in 4 years. There where the trend is reversed lies in the trade sector and repair with a decrease of 2.1%. Trades where found yet that very few women are the journeymen of the second work and work in the building with an average of 2.1%.

Suffice to say that the disparity between men and women is still high and it will take many years to finally (maybe) see it disappear totally…

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