Will the web dominate the world?

Or is it already happening?

Giants like Google, Facebook or Apple or Microsoft are fighting a merciless war.

FYI, Google is more than 52 billion euros in turnover, 72 billion video views per year on YouTube, 168 companies acquired since their debut and more than 3 billion Google search every day.

The world is going to be interconnected little by little. Absolutely everything will be connected. Man will be governed by an algorithm. It will be the explosion of the net in the real world. Between virtual and real, the line thins more and more.

54% of the population are Internet users and 44% of them are registered on social networks.

But why did I tell you about Google at first? Simply because perhaps the most used browser in the world is Chrome. Perhaps because the most used search engine in the world remains Google itself (over 90%) …

Will we know how to deal with it, or are we drowning in this mass that is growing so much?

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