Why does my insomnia always start around 2:00 in the morning?

Let’s talk about my insomnia!

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Although it’s by period, I have to say it’s pretty boring, I must say. You don’t really know why it happens or if it does sometimes, but at least you can put your finger on it. When it happens when everything is going well in your life, you always wonder why. Could it be the subconscious?
If we try to do research, we don’t find a lot of conclusive results. It could be due to a lot of things. Is it a health problem? Because some people would tend towards that hypothesis.
Waking up at night is normal, but it’s less so when it’s at a fixed time. What should we do in these cases? How to understand the why and the how? Is it the depression that lies in wait? Is it a recent event in our lives? Is it stress? These are so many unanswered questions…
And we tell ourselves: « the day is going to be long »… We get tired quickly and this inevitably affects our mood.
Of course there are treatments more or less strong but it is not the solution. Another mystery that is difficult to solve…

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