When we write…

A focus is needed!

I did a few years ago, an article « have a writing adapted to the web » that is still relevant. But many people still believe that to write on the web is to write for Google or Bing, finally write for a robot.

No ! We write above all for the reader. There is still the big difficulty sometimes compared to the paper, to think also the robot for SEO. You have to combine consistency and relevance, to ensure that your article is well understood by the reader but that the robots will be able to correctly reference it. And for that you need words or key phrases.

Let’s also talk about people who swear by « tools » that give you important keywords. Yeah … but hey … maybe you should not exaggerate either. We must make good use of it.

In short! Me, I tell you: Coherence and relevance are the key words to write well on the web!

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