When you ride on LPG…

The misconceptions about cars that run on LPG …

It’s great to have a car with LPG! Yes and no. I speak to you because I have one. So yes, running on gas is cheaper than on gas. I would say it’s half cheaper. I have the full for thirty euros and I easily have a week or more.

But … That money you save (well, finally) is a lure. When you have to do routine maintenance, you have to go to a GPL approved garage. Yes, I know, you’ll tell me that I can go to the brand’s garage. So let me tell you a story about it.

I had to pass the technical control and that said passing, it’s the same you must go to a licensed center and it necessarily costs a blind too. My LPG tank did not pass due to corrosion (which was supported by Renault because default manufacturer). So I go to the nearest garage and I explain the case, they tell me ok.
A week later, they phone me to announce that finally they can not because they do not have the necessary tools and that I must get closer to Albi. Well, why not Toulouse being there!
In short, I go to another garage a little further and there bingo! The person who is registered LPG works precisely in this garage. Phew! I am saved. But the other problem is that they took 1 month to have the room and to do the counter visit, the time is 2 months. So it took 1 1/2 months to do the repair …

Another thing, gas is good if you do not take the highway because if you have consumption and the car loses power compared to gasoline, do not be nervous.

To conclude, I would say that we must weigh the pros and cons if you want to buy such a car. Do you really need it?

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