What’s a good horror movie?

You know how much I love horror movies? 😀

We’re gonna get to the heart of the matter right now. For horror movie fans like me, what you expect is not to see blood in droves. You already need a good story that holds up and of course the suspense is what makes it all happen. The suspense, the effects, the music, the acting, that’s what will make the film good.
A horror film is not necessarily a gore film but it is above all a scenario that scares us. Paranormal or downright gore, there are cult films in all categories. I can quote Freddy Krueger, Chucky or the Saw series which is in the gore category.
This article is rather short but I wanted to make it clear that horror fans are not bloodthirsty or violent fanatics. We’re more looking for the thrill, the adrenaline… And are you a fan of these movies?

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