What to do when you’re running out of inspiration?

The breakdown of inspiration awaits us, what to do?

When there is no more inspiration, the blank page … it is disturbing and frustrating. I often experience it right now. After a while, everyday life does not inspire us anymore …
In all articles we are told to open our minds. Even that, it seems to me to have already explore and it does not come out much unfortunately …
A generator of ideas? Uh … yes, but I think it’s limited as well.

Okay, I give you the advice that I practice:

  • Get inspired by everyday life
  • Find another topic by searching for its current article
  • Ask all your contacts to give you article ideas
  • The idea generator and the various tools found throughout the web
  • Develop topics read in books
  • Open your mind and do not hesitate to treat sensitive or hot topics. Even if it’s not your « thing », it’s rewarding.


If you have other ideas to find inspiration, do not hesitate to give them in comment. Me, I dry …: D

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