What to do when you’re running out of inspiration?

What to do when you’re running out of inspiration?
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The breakdown of inspiration awaits us, what to do?

When there is no more inspiration, the blank page … it is disturbing and frustrating. I often experience it right now. After a while, everyday life does not inspire us anymore …
In all articles we are told to open our minds. Even that, it seems to me to have already explore and it does not come out much unfortunately …
A generator of ideas? Uh … yes, but I think it’s limited as well.

Okay, I give you the advice that I practice:

  • Get inspired by everyday life
  • Find another topic by searching for its current article
  • Ask all your contacts to give you article ideas
  • The idea generator and the various tools found throughout the web
  • Develop topics read in books
  • Open your mind and do not hesitate to treat sensitive or hot topics. Even if it’s not your “thing”, it’s rewarding.


If you have other ideas to find inspiration, do not hesitate to give them in comment. Me, I dry …: D

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