What is the role of social networks in the field of employment?

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At the time of today, there are more no doubt, social networks are an integral part of our lives. They can be also beneficial that destructive, he must therefore know use them because more in addition to recruiters learn about potential candidates in this way. It has also become a way very popular to make connaitre and develop a network of relationships. As much benefit to personal branding (personal branding)!

Googlelize yourself!

The e-reputation is valid for companies but also for promoting oneself (personal branding). However, remember one thing: what you write on social networks is your reflection in real life. Be sure to not not switch in the complete virtual, this should be a springboard for your professional life. But do not expect to find « The » job of your dreams in this way. In general, there is only 5% of hires via social networks.

Their true role

The true role of a social network any (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadeo…) is to create and maintain a personal or professional network. The principle being to enter in direct contact with other people. It is a complementarity to the job sites. They are first of all a good way to make connaitre with recruiters and can be a solution to submit a spontaneous application (when addressing the right person).

Most companies have a Facebook page or a Twitter account where opportunities can be posted. And there is not better place to prepare for an interview and expand his knowledge of the company.

Our advice

We currently have a formidable and powerful weapon: internet. Why not use it? Use, abuse in but wisely! Here, you will find advice to use the major social networks.

You can use it to prepare your interview, letter of motivation to seek all relevant information on a particular company.

You can also use it to upgrade an announcement with a link to Linkedin or Viadeo for your CV.

Set your personal properly account and give the possibility to people to subscribe, you post content suitable for your personal branding and can continue to discuss and your personal photos safely (they will see what post you in public mode).

You can also find opportunities on the pages of the companies that interest you…

There is a wealth of possibilities on this social network.

Twitter is instead dedicated to information.

The tweets of the kind: « I’m going to shower » have no interest. Use it wisely and sparingly, don’t put that interesting things like for example a few words about the conference that you are listening. Especially use the #hashtags (relevant course).

It is also important to follow influential accounts. A single maxim: choose quality over quantity! This social network is primarily a tool of Eve where the importance of finding good sources of information.

These two professional social networks are essential for the job search because they specialize in this area. Be present because you can find a wealth of information, offers of employment, be part of discussion groups.

And this is the best way to make your resume visible on the web. Replace it regularly updated. Build you a good network of relationships and be active, do not hesitate to discuss with people.

To conclude, we must live with its time, even if it is not always obvious, it is the best way to get noticed at the present time. Used properly, they can be very effective. So go ahead, put you in 2.0!

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