What is the deep spot ?

But what is this?

Be good ladies, this deep point is … in you! It is even more powerful than the point G.

As its name indicates, it is made further than the point G. In reality there are two because there is one in the front and one in the back located in the depths of the vagina, near the cervix.

Choose to know all the same and valid for both men and women. An orgasm does not intervene only in a technique of physical stimulation (I do not want just thanks to the fingers, a sextoy or a penis) that Madame goes up to the 7th heaven. It is also thanks to the capacity to be able to abandon oneself and to free oneself from mental or emotional blockages. Moreover, it is often what causes the most intense orgasms.

And it is that the gentlemen are not left behind and I think of all those women who want to explode of pleasure that I found for you, some explanatory videos that will teach you how to find these famous deep place and make you at the same time true stallions of sex!

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