What is emotional regulation?

A subject that is close to my heart and that I hope will make more than one person think…

It is always said that one must always be indulgent with oneself by taking into account the context. This is called having to adapt to a specific situation. We all have different values and we must know how to prioritize some of them sometimes.

First of all, we must know that our brain contains several « zones »:

  • The reptilian brain
  • The hippocampus
  • The limbic brain
  • The cortex

The reptilian brain is the one that develops as a baby. It encompasses everything that is vital such as survival, pleasure, fear etc.. The hippocampus and the limbicus develop until about the age of 2 years and are the memory and emotions and include learning and acquisitions. As for the latter, it develops from the age of 7 to about 25 years old. We can say that it is the brain of reason, wisdom and maturity. It is, among other things, intelligence, creativity, solidarity, etc…

I had done workshops last year that talked about it. System 1 was defined as automatic, that is to say, the one with quick thinking, and system 2, which is slower because you push the thinking a little further.

I apply this system 2 systematically even if system 1, which is faster, is drawn first. For this I will give you a simple example: someone you know passes you by without saying hello. System 1 will immediately make you think that this person is badly polite. Now switch on system 2… Here you will take a moment and list hypotheses such as maybe that this person just didn’t see you and/or was in their thoughts…

That’s what it is. That’s what it is. It’s pushing the brain a little bit further and it works in any situation. Do you have a problem that seems insurmountable? Turn on your system 2, you will find at least one solution or even several depending on the case. It’s all about taking a step back.

It can also defuse arguments because it helps us to put things into perspective. Avoid getting angry, which causes the cortisol level to rise, which takes time to come down and can block us.

Too many people still think too much unfortunately just with their system 1, which is a pity .

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