What happens to Britney Spears?

Back to the hectic life of Britney Spears. Between pressures and depressions, what becomes of her?

This young woman propelled to the rank of star to barely 18 years has made much of her talk … It is in 1999 that she is known thanks to her tube Baby one more time … and since then nothing Go … Whose fault? To her entourage, to the paparazzi who are persecuting and stalking her constantly? Her father ?

Anyway, early this year, we learned that the singer is again at the worst. She first announces to her fans that she wants to take a break in her career and cancels the new show that was starting in Las Vegas. We learn some time later that she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, following the health problems of her father who weakened her morally.

Meanwhile, rumors are rife on social networks and Britney does not control anything anymore. Her family even receives death threats! Not easy to recover in these conditions.

At the end of April 2019, the singer finally left the psychiatric hospital after 30 days of detention, although she was not fully recovered.

In May, Britney’s mother assigns her father to the court and tells him about all the medical decisions he makes about their daughter. The latter manages, since the crisis in 2008 that had earned him to shave her head in front of the paparazzi, the life of Britney. He became her permanent legal guardian. Shortly after, the manager of the star announced that she did not want to go back on stage but that anyway he did not want it to go back until she was not fully ready.

We may wonder if her father really has really good intentions regarding the good of his daughter. Let her have a little respite while waiting and encourage her to get back on her feet.

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