Web history

Do you know the history of the web?

The web will be 30 years old next year. It was indeed in 1989 that the first version of the web appeared. But it was not until the end of 1990 that the first site was put online. And it is in 1991 that the web opens to all.
It was in 1993 that the internet really aroused the enthusiasm of the public thanks to the launch of the browser Mosaic and Netscape. Yahoo will make its appearance in 1994, following the explosion of the WWW (World Wide Web) and thus becomes the first directory of sites classified thematically.
Do you all know Amazon.com? But do you know what year was it launched? Well this site, which was starting an online bookstore made its entry on the scene in 1995, the same year as Internet Explorer.
As for Google, it was online in 1998. While Internet users at the time swore by Yahoo and Altavista, it had the distinction of operating according to the reputation of the pages and ranked its responses according to the number and the quality of the links that pointed to them. The success is immediate and we know the rest.
Born of the failure of the encyclopedia Nupedia, it is in 2001 that Wikipedia arrived. Will follow in 2004 the first version of Firefox and Facebook which was called at the time Thefacebook.com.
In 2005, it was the birth of YouTube and the web 2.0 was! It was late 2011 that Google created its own browser Chrome.
2010 was the emergence of HTML5 and CSS3.

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