Web 2.0 from A to Z (8)

Here is the last part of the web 2.0 from A to Z with the letters U – V – W – X – Y and Z I hope that these 8 tickets you will be pleased and they have allowed you to learn some « stuff » and more!

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  • S & T


Means Uniform Resource Locator or uniform landlord resource. This means a string of characters used to locate each of the resources of the internet: HTML document, image, sound…


Viadeo: Viadeo

It is a french professional social network allows companies to develop their reputation with customers and prospects.


This refers to the action that is to use the springs and viral marketing techniques to ensure or boost the dissemination of an advertisement or marketing.


Mean visitor Unique.

Conversational standby:

It is a term for the activity of Eve made on social media to monitor and analyze the entries for a brand or company in the conversations between users or users.


Means Voice Over IP. It is a technique for communicating by voice remotely via the Internet or any other network accepting the TCP/IP protocol.



This is a web site whose pages are editable by users of the site. It allows collaborative document writing and illustration.


Or zoning. It is a kind of « skeleton » of a web page to indicate the content contained in each block and in structuring the interface.

W3C: W3C

Means World Wide Web Consortium which is the standardization body nonprofit responsible for promoting the compatibility of the internet technologies (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, etc…).

Web 2.0:

It is a concept of use of the internet to a valorization of the surfer and his exchanges with others by implementing services interaction (blog, social bookmarking, sharing videos or photos…), including through the use of Ajax, XML and a better mastery of technologies of dynamic sites.


Means World Wide Web.

Webmaster tools:

These are tools for webmasters who allow to check and set the frequency of indexing the site, get the list of pages (external internet site) that contain links returns. The result is more developed than with type search: link: www.mysite.com…



Means Extensible Markup Language. It is a description language web documents using markup that can be customized and favoring the exchange of data.


Means Extensible Metadata Platform.  It is a metadata format based on XML for describing the number of properties of electronic documents. It is mainly used for photographs.


Y (generation):

It is a term for the sociological generation of people born between 1980 and 1999, called also digital natives.

Catchment area:

The area of catchment of a commercial establishment is its geographical area of influence, originates the majority of the clientele.

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