Web 2.0 from A to Z (7)

Before last part of web 2.0 from A to Z with the letters S and T.

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Server: Server

It is a computer dedicated to the administration of a network computer and used to store data and applications accessible from other computers.

Dynamic site:

This is a website whose content is stored in the database and appears in a predefined template. The content may also vary in functions other parameters: time, day… (especially for articles) be created by multiple users, or still be tailored to each.

Social bookmarking:

It is the sharing of favorite links through a website dedicated according to a ranking by tags.


Means Social Media Optimization. It is a communication strategy that relies on social networks.

Social CRM:

It is a method used to detect, measure, and manage relationships between customers and trends likely to influence (bloggers, comments…) on social networks.

Social media press release:

It is a new way to publish press releases. They are inspired by social networks and play on collaboration and virality.


Mean Search Engine Advertisment. It is a term that refers to purchases of sponsored links on search engines.


Means Search Engine Result Page or Page of results of search engines. This is a shortcut used by SEO practitioners.

Sender score:

It is a service of analysis and measurement of the reputation of the IP addresses of the servers used for shipments of emails.


Means Secure SHell that is both a computer program and a secure communication protocol. The connection protocol requires an exchange of encryption at the beginning of connection keys.


Means Secure Socket Layer. It is a memorandum of understanding to secure.


In real time (ex: Instant Messaging).

(Content) Syndication:

It is a process by which to retrieve information from a website in another.


This means « Serendipity ». It is to find what one is not looking.

Social TV:

It is a term which refers to the participation of Internet users to television through social networks shows.


It is a co-operative of interest group, created by the Act of July 17, 2001. It allows:

  • to associate multiple actors around the same project (employees, beneficiaries, volunteers, users, associations…)
  • produced goods or services that meet the collective needs of a territory
  • 1 person = 1 vote
  • has a status of commercial company, SA or SAS-SARL
  • Fits into a logic of local and sustainable development
  • presents a collective interest and a character of social utility.


It is a vertical banner advertising which is filed at the edge of the content of the site.


This is the definition of consistent action involved according to a sequential logic to achieve or to achieve one or more objectives. It then translates at the operational level in plans of actions by fields and periods.


It is a tool of corporate strategy for determining the strategic options available to the level of a strategic area. S = Strengths (forces); W = Weaknesses (weaknesses); O = Opportunities (opportunities); T = Threats (threats).



Or dashboard. This is a presentation of a selection of key indicators to facilitate decision-making.


Or hearing. The traffic of a site is defined mainly by the number of visitors, the number of visits or the number of page views.


It is a social network for microblogging tool that allows the user to send short messages, called tweets, to his community.

Tag cloud:

Or tag cloud. This is the display of the most used tags in a given period of time. The size of the words being proportional to the frequency of their use, this cloud to identify subjects trends.


It is the action that is to « track » a surfer on the internet.

Rate of virality:

This is the rate for measuring diffusion surplus obtained by viral effect during a specific viral marketing or by a viral module associated with content.


This is the phenomenon by which a growing proportion of Internet users use internet at the same time they watch television.


This is the name given to individuals who pollute the forums and other areas of comments by excessive, abusive contributions or purely promotional in nature. The contributions of trolls can be either moderated or sometimes their access filtered on the basis of identification of the IP address.


This is a set of key words or words predefined subject librarian chooses to associate with the document to describe its contents.

Word processing:

It is a software that allows to create and manipulate texts, it is the computer equivalent of a typewriter.

Table (database):

The data in the database are divided into tables according to their type. Each table is actually an array, consisting of rows and columns and cells as in a spreadsheet. They are a common prefix.


It is a technique of communication emerging, little-known, which is to tell a story (storytelling) through various media.

Twit pic:

It is a tool integrated directly into Twitter and allows to easily post photos or videos.


Or ThrowBack Thursday which is always preceded by a hashtag Twitter-specific syntax. Another tradition of Twitter: users broadcast old photos of them or their friends every Thursday with the meaning #TBT « nostalgic Thursday ».

Trending topic:

These are the subjects that make trends.

Sponsored Tweet:

This is a tweet for which an advertiser has used Twitter advertising services to ensure wider dissemination.

Rate commitment:

It’s the percentage of people who have seen an ad and who loved him or shared, have clicked on it or added a comment.

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