Web 2.0 from A to Z (6)

6th part with the letters O – P – Q and R.

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It is the (required) the user agreement to send commercial e-mails.



It is the way in which a web site is classified and displayed over words and key phrases in the pages of results (SERP) search engines.

Personal branding:

This is to create or manage his identity on the internet as if it were a brand or a product.


Means Peripheral Component Interconnect. It recognizes startup devices connected without passing by the processor. It is essential for a plug and play computer.

Plug and Play:

called also meaning PNP ‘connect and play’ or ‘Plug and uses’ is a procedure allowing recent devices be recognized quickly and automatically by the operating system as soon as the connection of hardware and without restarting the computer.


Or proxy server which is an intermediate computer server.


It is a combination between an Ipod and Broadcasting. This means making an audio or video file available online in digital format. You can subscribe via RSS feed to automatically receive the latest emissions.


Means Hypertext PreProcessor. This is a free scripting language mainly used to produce dynamic web pages via an HTTP server, but that can also function as any language interpreted locally by running command line programs.

Marketing plan:

It is a document in which a company defines how it will reach its customers to make themselves known.


It is the use of several mono-medias, IE the use of several media as for example internet and radio but no exchange between them.

Scope (reach):

It’s a given that measures the number of people who saw an advertisement on a Facebook page.

Viral scope:

This is the number of people who saw a page publications, through one of the subscribers thereof (by one I love, a comment or sharing).

Paid scope:

This is the number of unique people who saw a publication via an advertisement.

Pure player:

In the media sector, this means a publication that exists only on the internet like for example Rue89 who is not a site from a newspaper or a magazine paper.

Advertising infeed:

It is used on Facebook and Twitter, it is a targeted content that appears directly in the news thread (timeline).

Pad section:

It is a device placed in the articles (often at the bottom of the article).

Qualification of traffic:

In SEO, are the actions of optimizations to acquire traffic in affinity with the theme of a website.


Or SEO. It is a set of optimization techniques (onpage, on Sitemap: URL Rewriting, work on the tree etc.) or offpage, outside the site, netlinking etc.) to give visibility to a website:

  1. In the natural (organic) results so non sponsored search engines
  2. On a set of key phrases targeted corresponding to the activity and at the request of users.


This is a set of actions aimed at strengthening the positioning of a web page on words and key phrases in search engines results pages.

Social networks: 

Using a Web marketing approach, it is a term for any web sites that build or maintain the circles of friends or professional knowledge.

Paid listing:

It is a set of levers marketing (sponsored links, display…) giving fast visibility to a website by purchasing advertising space on search engine (ex: Google Adwords)

Social SEO:

It is a set of practices to develop an interest in a site, an idea, products or services from different web communities.


Means Return On Investment or return on investment. Applied to the Web, it is the ratio measuring the amount of advertising costs versus benefits: results of the acquisition of customers.


In web analytics tools, it is a term for the fact that a user immediately leaves the site after consulting the page in which it is entered.


It is the action of redirecting all its followers in the form of a new tweet, a tweet previously received a Twitter account to which we subscribe. It is somewhat equivalent to the function « forward » e-mail.


This is a web page or a web site position in the pages of results of a search tool that are consecutive to a query on a keyword.

Reach Generator Facebook:

It is an advertising offer made by Facebook to its advertisers to guarantee them a level of dissemination or coverage of their ads with their fans.

URL Shortener:

It is a service that allows you to transform long to short URL URL, without changing course landing page. This service is generally free.


This is a notification system for linking between blogs, whereby a blog A is notified that a blog is B a reference to one of his articles.

Responsive design:

A design « responsive » site is designed to be able to if adapt automatically to the size of the screen as the user uses, be it a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

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