Web 2.0 from A to Z (5)

In this part we will see the definitions of web 2.0 from the letters L – M and N.

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Sponsored links:

Also called « commercial », « advertising » or « promotional » links. Opposite from « organic » SEO (or SEO) links, these links, provided by search engines to purchase enable to:

  1. Provide fast and more controlled visibility to a web site
  2. Better target Internet users.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

It is a social network professional inernational.

Landing page:

Target or landing page or page. This is a page optimized in terms of content and designed to receive from visitors of an advertising campaign (listing Google Adwords display…) specific.

Organic links:

Or natural links. These are a type of proposed link ‘naturally’ by the search engine but none against financial part have been requested from the editor of the site concerned.

Long tail:

Or long tail (« long tail »). SEO, it is an expression referring to a multitude of keywords that lead to the final more visitors than the popular keywords.


Or Last ReTweet. Using a hashtag on Twitter, it can mean that the tweet just to publish is in relation to the RT that ‘ we did previously but in which there was not enough characters to insert a comment.


It is the fact that Google kind of plural/singular and synonymous with results. Google practice this lemmatization and therefore understands very well the syntax.


It is a word characterizing the theme of a website (ex: « hotel » for a hotel reservation site).

Digital marketing:

It is a discipline aimed at making the promotion of products and services using Media Digital (computer, mobile, video games…) and therefore the Web marketing and mobile marketing.


This is a website combining multiple web applications within a single application in order to offer a unique, more accessible and complete service to Internet users.

Social media: social media

Identity of web 2.0, it is a set of services offered by editors of site allowing their users to converse and interact with each other to create the content.


Or micro-blogging. It is a practice to publish entries shorter than in classic blogging to share real-time notice, content or information. The best known being Twitter.


Mean project management. In project management, it is a term that refers to the doneur of a draft order, so the customer, be it a person or a structure (an advertiser that uses a webagency for a site by ex).

Mock up:

It is the graphic prototype of a web page.


Mean maîtrise d’oeuvre. In project management, it is a term referring to the person or the structure to achieve and deliver the product (web site, application…).


Means My Structured Query Language, which is a database management system (SGBB).

Meta engine:

It is a tool to submit a single query to several search simultaneously engines.


Wants to say courses online open and solid. The participants in the courses, teachers and students, are dispersed geographically and communicate only via the internet. Free educational resources are often used.


It is a compressed video format readable by the built-in Dotclear for example flash player.

Motion Design:

Or design animation, animated design… It is the art of graphic design in motion by addition of graphics, videos, 3D, sounds typography… The fields of application are wide:

  • Advertising
  • Multimedia
  • Broadcast
  • Generic
  • Dress up
  • Mounting
  • Clips
  • Web animation.


In the case of a website, it is the term for all of the features (main menu, links, buttons…) allowing to circulate within the site.


This is a set of actions of SEO to multiply the number of hypertext links:

  1. Leading to a web site from partner sites (through the exchange of links, publications, press release…): referred to as external netlinking
  2. At the even shape of the site, between its various sections and pages (internal netlinking).

Domain name:

Name designating an entity which belongs to an internet site (ex: « .fr » or « .com »).


It is the abbreviation for domain name which is a kind of a website address.


These are the Notions of Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT) and New Technologies of the Information and of the Communication (NTIC) gathering techniques used in the treatment and the transmissions of information.


It is a marketing technique that involves appropriating news to distract them. This allows organizations to connect on trends.

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