Web 2.0 from A to Z (4)

In this part we will see the letters G – H – I – J and K.

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Or template. It is a model created by the Web Designer, and to build a web page.


It is a method for geographically positioning an object or a person. Applied to the Web, this allows better to target certain Internet users (including through their smartphone or their interventions on social networks) in the case of local communications campaign.

Project management:project management

It is an effort to organize effectively the progress of a project in order to meet time and budget constraints.

Googling: Googling

It is a practice to perform a query on a person in the Google search engine.

Google bombing:

It is a technique of SEO to influence the positioning of a web page in the Google search engine results based on the relative importance given to the weight of an anchor to a page. Thus, if several sites use the same text for the same target, Google can potentially give to this page, on this specific query, a high profile in its results pages.


Or grid. It is a structure in columns to better organize the elements of a web site.


Means Graphics Interchange Format. GIF becomes animated when multiple photos are stored in a single file. This type of format is normally used on TumblR.

Google Penguin: Google Penguin

This is the code name for an update of the Google PageRank algorithm. It is designed to reduce the positioning of websites that violate the guidelines of Google using techniques of improper referencing, such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, participation in exchanges of links, duplication of content, etc…



It is the major revision of the HTML format.


It is a system of coding to create intended to be consulted on the internet (HyperText Markup Language) pages.

Hashtag: #

Typical of Twitter and now on many social networks, it is a word preceded by a sharp meaning as the subject to notoriety. It also allows you to do a search on this word by clicking on it to know all those who speak (sort of keyword).


Or header. It is a term designating the part of code source placed at the top of a web page and particularly to identify content (language, title or title, description, stylesheets… call).


Or phishing. This is an illegal practice which is to impersonate a company/website to capture personal and/or banking customer data.

Hoax: hoax

It is a hoax or a rumor circulating on the internet and primarily through email or social networks.

Hangouts: hangouts

It is the service of instant messaging and visio conference, accessible via + Google and Gmail.



Or Internet Protocol. It is a family of computer network designed for and used by internet communication protocols. This is a set of indicators for decision support. Usually presented in the form of dashboards, they allow to measure, monitor, and especially to make the right decisions on web strategies (in the case of the webmaketer: number of visits, conversion… rate).


Or KPI. Mean Key Performance Indicator. It is an acronym for key performance indicator.


This is the number of times where an advertisement is displayed within a web page.


This is the cycle of looping from the beginning to the end.


It is to register its site on the search engines so that it comes out in the results.


It is to encourage a user to perform an action such as to register for a newsletter.


It is a participatory editorial invented by the American site Reddit, where users with particular experience or celebrities come live answering questions posed by members of the site. Participants start by I am has (I’m a…) and end by AMA (Ask Me Anything / ask me any question).


It is a kind of television program that mixes both information and entertainment. It is a contraction of the words information and entertainment.


It is a « full page » advertising format that opens generally before the user only accesses the desired content.

Inbound marketing:

It is a marketing (inbound marketing) strategy to bring customers toward you rather than fetching them with traditional marketing techniques of type outbound marketing (outbound marketing). It should draw the attention of prospects in producing the quality content on its site so that it is highly identifiable by search engines and shared on social networks.



It is a scripts programming language mainly used in HTML pages, allowing interactions with the user. The javascript code is executed on the surfer’s computer by the browser itself.


Means JavaScript Object Notation. It is a data format for interchange between the browser and the server. It is similar to an associative array in javascript.



It is a type of affiliate. He is an expert in sponsored links which buys keywords on search engines to generate sales or of loads and therefore earn commissions.

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