Web 2.0 from A to Z (3)

Here is the third part of web 2.0 from A to Z with the letters: D – E – F.

Remember the first 2 parts:

  • A
  • B C

Web 2.0


Term referring to the purchase of advertising space on web sites.


Or dead link, broken link. This is a hyperlink to a web document that there is more (404 pages).


Means Domain Name System or domain name system. It is a service allowing to establish a correspondence between the IP address of a server or are the files of a website and a domain name.


It is a term used to refer to a lay-off caused by a post on social networks or on a blog.


It is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, i.e. the Agency of the Department of defense of the USA responsible for research and development of new technologies for military use.


Mean Direct Message.  It is a private Twitter message.

DM fail:

It is a message that should be private but a user publishes inadvertently to all of its subscribers.

E-mailing: mailing

Or email marketing, commercial e-mail. It is a type of campaign of email bundled with many Internet users and promoting a brand, a service or a product.


In the case of web sites, these are practices layout to what a website effectively meet the expectations of its users and to provide a comfort of navigation: reading facilitated by an airy layout and well hierarchical information, clear and quick access to the information requested by easy navigation of use.


Or e-commerce, online sales. It is a sale made remotely through the internet and mobile networks.

Easter egg:

Or Easter egg. In the computer world, these are parts of the program / page… used.

E marketing:

Or Web marketing, netmarketing. It is a discipline aimed at:

  1. Optimize the visibility and the traffic of a website
  2. Convert visitors into customer or user
  3. If necessary, keep coming them.

E reputation: 

Or web reputation or even reputation online. This is the image that Internet users are a business, a brand or a person based on the traces that it could leave on the web.


Mean digital working environment. This means a global device providing a user an access point through networks to all digital services in connection with its activities and resources.


It is a tag generally associated with the tag HTML <object>.</object>


This means Electronic Customer Relationship Management. It is the management of the customer relationship through electronic channels.

Edge rank:

Is Facebook algorithm that makes sorting automatically among the activities posted by his friends and those published by the pages that you like. It is based on three ingredients: affinity between content and the user, the weight of the post that depends on its typology (photo, link, etc.) and finally the frequency of posts.

Exact Match Domain (MDT):

It is a domain name that contains the key words of his favorite query.


It is a technology developed by Macromedia bought then by the Adobe Corporation. It allows to create animations, 3D effects, interactive web sites or even objects of comprehensive sites.

Ariadne’s thread:

It is a kind of GPS of the internet including indicating the location of the user in a web site. English speakers call it Bread Crumb in reference to the crumbs of bread used by the thumb.


This is a 2D barcode allowing access via a dedicated application and taking this photo code to multimedia content (video, photos, music, information…) from a mobile platform.


Or footer. It is a term designating the area placed at the bottom of page of a website, often used to place a secondary navigation, the latest articles or comments, if it is a blog.


It is a virtual space allowing Internet users to discuss on various topics.

Flame Warriors:

It is the bane of administrators of Facebook page or Twitter account. They represent the share of users who react impulsively to the first comment on a controversial subject. Often, they are at the center of real crisis when the administrator does not know to manage them.


Means File Transfer Protocol or file transfer protocol. It is a protocol dedicated to computer file sharing on a network. It is used to update and administer Web sites but for security reasons, it gives way gradually to secure as SSH protocols.

FireWire (or IEEE 1394):

It is a port for connecting devices with very high bitrate.

RSS feed: 

This is a file whose content is produced automatically depending on the updates of a website. RSS feeds are often used by news sites or blogs to present the titles of the latest available information online.


Means Flash Video Format. It’s a format used on the internet to deliver video via the Adobe Flash Player so you can incorporate it into Flash animations.


Or Follow Friday. This is a Twitter-specific syntax, always preceded by a hashtag and used Friday to recommend to its subscribers of Auditors found relevant, somewhat like a dedication.

Fact – checking:

This is the verification of the facts.

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