Web 2.0 from A to Z (2)

Here is the second part of web 2.0 from A to Z with the letters B and C.

Banner advertising:

It is an advertising space on internet at sizes varied and consists of an image, a flash animation or a video. The banner allows the surfer to click access to information regarding the service or the promoted product. This type of advertising is part of the display.


This means database. There is a lot of information organized according to a pre-determined pattern and in the case of a website, stored on a server.


It is a note or a blog post.


This is an HTML element, predefined structuring the content of a web page and to specify the location of the blocks, headlines, paragraphs, images…


Or incoming link. This is a hyperlink to a web site or one of its pages.


Or favorite, bookmark, bookmark. This allows to save the address of a web page in his browser in order to come back without new research or address to type. Some sites allow to share these bookmarks: we talk of social bookmarking.


Or Word of mouth. It is a set of marketing actions allowing to speak of an event, a product or a specific service.


It is an Environment Committee bringing together the influential blogging editors.


Mean Basic Input Output System. This is a basic program for a computer that contains all the information defining the operating parameters of the components of the PC, including the motherboard. It is integrated into a specific memory on the motherboard.

Logic bomb:

It is a program designed by an author placed by him in the code in order to damage data, and which triggered at a specific time or when certain conditions are met.

Business model:

in the context of digital marketing, are details of how an internet activity will generate revenues and profits.


This is a feature incorporated into the Facebook advertising system in November 2007. It allowed Facebook to retrieve data from external connections (sites) of its users. The objective was to offer better targeted advertising and allow them to more precisely share their activities with their friends. This service was abandoned in September 2009, after a lifting of shield NGO for the protection of privacy, which had filed a lawsuit in « class action » (mass action) to Facebook.

Expand banner:

It is an advertisement that expands when the mouse passes over.


It is a point of reference for measurement. In computing, it is a tbenchmarkest bed to measure the performance of a system to compare it to others. In management, it is the correlation of a calibration to measure various performance. In finance, this is a particularly liquid state borrowing which serves as a basis for comparison to the whole of the mandatory market.

Web 2.0


This is the cost per click. This is an amount paid by an advertiser (ex: Google Adwords) or e Editor site for click bringing a visitor from an advertisement or a banner link to the advertiser’s website. This advertising model is called payment per click or PPC.


This is the cost per Lead. This is an amount paid by an advertiser to a Publisher’s site for each visitor who registers on the advertiser’s website after clicking on a banner ad or who responded positively to a commercial e-mail as part of an affiliate campaign.


This is the cost per thousand (or cost per thousand impressions). This is an amount paid by an advertiser to a website publisher for one thousand displays of a same banner ad and therefore theoretically seen by thousand Internet users.


Means Cascading Style Sheets or style sheet cascading. It is a computer language for formatting all the HTML and XML documents (the column sizes, locations of blocks, color, style of texts).


Means Content Management System or content management system. It is a tool for designing and updating dynamic websites or web applications. The system also allows multiple people to work on the same document, to have a more effective content validation process.

Call to Action:

This sets the way to encourage users to act according to predefined goals, by the webmaster or Web Designer: subscription to a newsletter, download a trial version of a software…

Cloud (computing):cloud

It is a concept to relocate through internet of computer resources usually hosted on a local network or on the position of a user: storage, music, email client… These resources are suddenly accessible anywhere, anytime and on any platform (PC, mobile…) with internet access.


It is a grouping of 2 servers or more to overcome the limitations of a single computer or a single server in:

  1. Better manager resources (hard disk, bandwidth…)
  2. Ensuring a continuity of service (in the case of malfunction of a server, the other or others take over)
  3. Distributing more efficiently the computational load or network load.

In the field of SEO, the cluster (or rather clustering) means the system set up by Google to combine multiple pages in a web site in its results.

Community management:

Or community management. It is a set of action to animate and federate, for a company, or more specifically to a brand, a community of Internet users through social networks or collaborative websites such as blogs, wikis… Ensuring that the rules of good conduct are respected within that community.

Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing

Or aprrovionnement by the crowd. It is a term referring to the editors of sites offering Internet users to create content (articles, photos…), answering the questions of other users, or even to participate in the design of the site.


Or cross-selling, additional complementary sale. It is a traditional trade issue technique whereby a seller, an e-commerce site here, took advantage of the interest shown by a buyer for a given product to propose one or more complementary products.


This is a set of electronic components incorporated into an integrated circuit, pre-programmed to manage the flow of digital data between the processor (s), memory, and peripherals.

Browser cache:

It is a set of files downloaded by the browser to display web pages (web pages, images, styles…).


This is a small text file stored by the browser on the hard disk of the user when viewing a web page.


This is a computer that queries a server. When a computer displaying a Web page, it is a client: he asked the page to a server and displays it.

Comment: Comm

It is a text published by a visitor on a blog in response to a ticket.


This is a feature that is activated by a user or a program that ends a string of automatically entering.

Conversational: conversation

This is an interface with which a user can interact in real time.


It is a technique of SEO to make a different page to the search engine of that presented to the user. It is a practice generally contrary to the rules of good lines published by the search engines.


Means Click Through Rate or Ctr. It is the proportion between the number of clicks made and the number of impressions.


It is the meeting of several media that enter in contact with the consumer according to his habits, his affinities and this regardless of the place and time through new technologies and dematerialization.


For carbon copy. Typically used to put someone in an email copy. On Twitter, to challenge a user indicating that the discussion is conducted could interest him.

Certified account:

A celebrity, a business or an organization with Twitter or Facebook account verified the authenticity and are able to guarantee that there has been identity theft.

Custum Timelines:

It is a service that allows a user to Twitter to create a custom news feed to highlight tweets. Can be useful to implement a strategy of Eve.

Content curation:

It is a practice that is to select, edit, and share the most relevant content from the web for a query or a given topic. It is also a quick and inexpensive way to feed a site without producing self content.


Or participatory finance. It is a phrase that describes all the tools and methods of financial transactions involving large numbers of people to finance a project.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

This is to consolidate the knowledge that one has the customer relying on technologies (tracking, profiling, call center…), but also and above all by an attitude strongly customer-oriented.

Specifications: specifications

It is a document that must be respected when the execution of a project.

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