Web 2.0 from A to Z (1)

My last article having had success, I told myself that I would make others and to share all my knowledge in the field.
There will be 8 games and of course we start with the letter A!

a web 2.0


It is an online advertising program offered by Google. It displays function sponsored or banners, targeted links:

  1. keywords or key phrases searched by the user
  2. the site he visits (display)

Tree (to a website):

It is a logical and hierarchical different pages of a web site organization. This gives rise to the principles of navigation and therefore access to information on the site. An optimized tree is also essential for a good SEO.


It is a partnership between a Publisher (affiliate) and an advertiser (affilieur). This program allows the affiliator purposefully to promote its products and services on the website of the affiliate or to use its database for mailing campaigns. In Exchange, the affiliate receives a remuneration in different modes.


This is an HTML element characterizing a hyperlink.


Means Application Programming Interface or programming interface. Proposed by the owner of a program, this interface allows access to its data and treat.

Mobile application:mobile app

It is a downloadable and executable program from an operating system (OS) of a movable support (phone, Tablet,…)


Means Asynchronous Javascript And XML. This term refers to the use of a set of web technologies for developing web applications (RIA) and dynamic sites. This allows to query servers without reloading the page.

Web application:

It is a software application accessible and usable through a web browser (ex: webmail, content management system CMS, wikis, blogs, google maps…).

Alt attribute:ALT

This XML element in some tags, including the tag <img> (image) to describe the content (from the perspective of accessibility, natural SEO…).


Means Active Server Pages, which is a technology developed by Microsoft for the development of dynamic websites.


It is a XML-based document format designed for syndicating content to news (sites media, blogs…)

3D Secure:3D secure

It is a protocol for the identification and secure payments on the internet which was developed by Visa and Mastercard and used as « Verified by Visa » and « Mastercard Secure Code ».

Buy Facebook fans:facebook fans

It is a practice whereby an advertiser of an agency buys Facebook fans by « packs » with a specialized agency. The purchase of fans is sometimes done for image and display effects and avoids display a number of fans ridiculously low. Purchased fans generally have a marketing value zero. This practice is normally prohibited by Facebook.

Web agency:

It is a communications agency specializing in the creation of internet sites which may also offer benefits in the field of the webmarketing.

A list blogger:

It is a term designating the most influential bloggers in the blogosphere.


It is using feedback from users for the promotion of a mark or of a particular product.


Means Accelerated Graphic Port.


Mean Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork is the first network to transfer of packages developed in the USA by DARPA.


It is a computer language for converting any type of characters into numeric code understood by most computers. This means American Standard Code for Information Interchange.


It is a communication issue with non-simultaneous reception (e-mail, forum…).

Feed aggregator:RSS

It is a software for displaying all news from the web information flow in the same space.

At the fly:

It is a treatment that is done without interrupting other ongoing treatment.


It is the action of a processor or an operating system that accesses to a specific memory location, or data identified with a specific address to this memory.


It is the action of a programmer which gives a value to a variable.


This is a user-defined name to represent a different name and the role of the latter.

4G: 4g

Also known as « very mobile broadband », she is the fourth generation of standards for telephony, after the 2G and 3G. It allows theoretical speeds greater than 100 Mbps.

At sign (@): at sign

First used in mail addresses electronic, the « at » is now part of the base language of Twitter. It is used to designate and to mention the account of a user (a person or an institution). This practice is rependue on most social networks to challenge someone.


This means the computer programs used by social networks or search engines to analyze, sort and classify information stored on their servers.

Ambush marketing:

It is the set of promotional practices used by a brand or a company to get visible at an event.

To find a small general glossary of web 2.0 is here!

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