Vine: a return to a social network that had the wind in its sails but came to a tragic end …

Everyone has, at least already heard about Vine.

It was an application that belonged to Twitter. Here, the goal was to be able to make short videos that loop and share them.

Vine became the most used application in a few months. So why, you tell me, did it disappear?

Well, it was without counting on the riposte of its rival Facebook! He was quick to do a similar thing on Instagram. This pushed the application into the abyss of the internet. Vine was in loss, Twitter had to take the necessary measures…

Vine will definitely close its doors in 2017. But good news! For those who were followers, Vine comes back under a new name: Byte. Now, it will have to deal with another application: Tik Tok… Will it manage to stand out?

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