How to use Twitter


I often hear people telling me : « Twitter ? What do i put in it ?  » . I simply told them :  » . Well, it depends on how you want to use it, if you’re going to say you have to pee or eat at McDonalds , I don’t see the interest . »

So I decided to gather a few ideas for using Twitter:

  • Follow personalities (cinema, politics, writers, singers … ) and can even interact with them (yeah, should not kid ourselves , if you write to Obama , do not believe that he will answer … Often this type of account is managed by… a community manager … 😀 . ut you can participate in debates with other people with the same centers of interest .
  • Follow your favorite brands accounts to be aware of the latest trends . Also if you have a problem with any product, it’s a good way ( easy ) to join them ( quickly).
  • Follow the live news during major events.
  • Search what is being said on a specific topic with the search engine.
  • Promote yourself ( personal branding ) to expand your network and get you noticed for employment (yes , I assure you that it works well, all depends on the area you are looking for … ) .
  • For professionals, promote your services, products ,your brand, your business …
  • Make a watch in the areas that interest you (personally , this is what my Twitter account is mainly used ) .

As you can see , Twitter can be a very interesting tool. But we must make a difference with Facebook which is rather for family . Twitter is to see and be seen .
You can find on the web many guides to understand the use. Here are a few :

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