Twitter going bad …

Come on, you can tell it, even if it does not crush your eyes: Twitter goes bad. Yes, that’s true.

For a little more than a year, Twitter knows the crisis. This small bird began at the end of 2015 by separating more than 8% of its workforce. Vice presidents have left the ship also …

Since the beginning of the year, changes have been made on Twitter. We ‘ve got many bugs. For example, if a person who follows me or not mentions me, I no longer have them in my notifications (on PC). It’s a bit unfortunate … And how many times have we had the unpleasant surprise of having a « technical error occurred » putting the site out of service?

Before Twitter was the big competitor of Facebook. Now with its 320 million users, it is far behind (Facebook counts more than 1.8 billion users). Even Tumblr (653 million users) and Instagram (500 million users) passed by.

Twitter really struggles to straighten the bar. At the last news, the blue bird would be on sale. On the ranks, we can find Alphabet (parent company of Google) or Saleforce (giant of services in companies).

Finally, let us bet that 2017 will be a year that Twitter will finally see the light to re-launch and take back its leading position.

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