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Amusement parks are to some a fairy tale. And yet …

It is a place where the magic happens, where the children got stars in their eyes. A good bit of fun with your family, this is THE ideal trip. But many parks are forced to close down for various reasons. And maybe you’ve been in one of these parks, now completely abandoned …

Dadi Park (Belgium)

This is one of the country’s oldest park. Opened in 1950, it closed in 2002 after the tragic accident of a boy who got ripped off the arm in one of the rides. Yet this park attracted many visitors …

Six Flags New Orleans (USA)

Who does not know the tragic fate of this park? Opened in 2000, it was planned to inaugurate a water park in 2005. Unfortunately, after the passage of Hurricane Katrina, the park has never reopened.

Okpo Land (South Korea)

We do not know exactly its opening date but thisi must be from before the 90. We know that this park was forced to close its doors in 1999. After several fatal accidents, the director preferred to run away without leaving an address.


SpreePark (Germany)

Opened in 1969, it attracts many people even after the reunification of Berlin. However it will close in 2002 because too much debt.

Pripyat Amusement Park (Ukraine)

This is the park that had the shortest life in history. Opened April 27, 1986, it closed its doors the next day following the Chernobyl disaster.

Gulliver’s Kingdom (Japan)

Opened in 1997, it was closed in 2001 for lack of visitors. It was completely destroyed in 2007.

Takakanonuma Greenland Park (Japan)

Another Japanese park that did not resist. Opened in 1973, it closed its doors two years later to reopen in 1986 and closed permanently in 1999. The official version is the lack of visitors but many say it is because there was too many fatal accidents on rides.

Nara Dreamland (Japan)

The park was opened in 1961. It was a replica of Disneyland in California. It will not withstand the arrival of the « real » Disneyland and Universal Studios. Although they tried to keep it afloat, it will close its doors in 2006.

Miracle Strip (USA)

Park built facing the sea in Florida and opened in 1963, it was a huge success. But it closes in 2004 to make a shopping center.

Neverland (USA)

this name may ring a bell? It was in 2003 that Michael Jackson inaugurates his park. In 2008, he was on sale to absorb a large debt but finally an agreement is found. On the death of Michael Jackson, the park returned to the Michael Jackson Estate.

Koga Family Land (Japan)

This park closed its doors in 1988. Nobody knows its opening date.

Ocean Beach Funfair (Wales)

This park opened in 1954. ButI didn’t find any information about its closing date.

Katoli World (Taiwan)

Opened in 1983 the park had to close its doors in 1999 during the earthquake that shook the region.

Glen Echo Amusement Park (USA)

It was created in 1891 as a center of arts for adults but evolves in an amusement park in the 20th century. It closed in 1968.

Water Park (Russia)

it is a water park that will never see the day. It was abandoned in the open yard.

There are over 100 abandoned amusement parks in the world. Some are replaced, other fallow, perhaps in search of a new life … Some of these parks have even been the setting for movies.

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