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An amusement park is magic but sometimes that magic can turn into tragedy … Here is a list of accidents at amusement parks …

After the top 15 of abandonned amusement parks, I come back with an article a little gloomy. because unfortunately accidents are there … Some parks have closed because of it.

1/ Disneyland Paris (France) disneyland-paris

In 2013, a 5 years old child felt on the water in « Pirates of the Caribbean ». His prognosis was hired for a few hours. And this is not the only one in this park. In 2011, five people were wounded in the « Mine Train ». In 2010, a man who cleaned the boats on « It’s a small world » was found dead crushed by one of them.

2/ Parc St Paul (France) dsc_1414

When i was living in Picardy, I heard many things concerning « incidents » in this park. So, I’ve never been there with my children. In 2005 4 people were ejected from a boat that was taken down and struck a pole. But the tragedy was in 2009 when a 35 year old woman died instantly after being ejected from a boat and have a fall of 10 meters.

3/ Parc Asterix (France)maxresdefault-2

This famous park also had its moment of mourning in 2006. A 6 year old drowns in dropping a buoy on the attraction « Descent of Styx. »

cl4401oxeaapr_c4/ Motherwell (Scotland)

As recently as June of this year, a car of a roller coaster derailed and crashed, 11 people were injured.

5/ Kishkinta (India)maxresdefault-3

Another accident which dates from this year. During a test on « Disco center » with 20 employees, the giant wheel come off its rails and crashes to the ground, 7 were injured and one dead.

mb19_1036/ Galaxyland Amusement Park (Canada)

In 1986, a car of « Mind Bender » rollercoaster derailed and struck a concrete pillar. Result: 3 people find death and the 4th other will be paralyzed.

7/ Disneyland California (USA)80acab1f252dfb2c80f386ad43365bc39764a6f4-les-accidents-disneyland-image16-thumb

In 2005, the derailment of the locomotive of the « Big Thunder Mountain Railroad » killed 1 person.

128/ Nigloland (France)

We come back in France, in 2005 and still always on a coaster. The train had stopped himself due to a slowdown and passengers had to be evacuated by aerial platform. For this, they have moved the train a few meters to be into the brake zone for maximum safety. But no emergency stop was made and the train started off again from himself hitting the arm of the nacelle. Human error has been proven.

9/ Alton Towers (England)incident-at-alton-towers-4

In 2015, four people were seriously injured after their train has collided with another. Already in 2013, there had been several incidents on this ride.

10/ Six Flags Magic Mountain (USA)hqdefault

In 2014, a fire destroyed part of the famous roller coasters in the park. Fortunately the ride was not in use.





Even in 2016, zero risk does not exist either in amusement parks or fairgrounds. Spread the word !

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