Tools that any Community Manager should know

A Community Manager is a like a shoemaker, a plumber or an electrician… It has also a Toolbox! And because the CM must be versatile, he must so efficient, fast, simple tools to avoid to say: « But how am I going to do? » but rather: « As if it were already done! ».

1 / Http://

Find a site that has disappeared? It is possible with this site. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

2 / wolfram Alpha

It is the engine of computer knowledge by excellence. Very little known in France, it can however make you save a lot of time in your research. You ask a question to the motor with a « human » phrase. It is responsible for translating it into computer language and respond to you. Unfortunately, it is only in English. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

3 / Spokeo

This tool brings together in a single page all the information of a personality. For example, it can generate a « timeline » tracing the life of a public person, as well as a list of articles (in English) recent is referring. However, attention! When I did my research on Google, it ranked him « site with a bad reputation » and going a little further, I found a very good article to read here to learn more. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

4 / Google Trends

Normally, any good Community Manager know him, a much useful tool to know the latest trends of the moment by keywords. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

5 / Tunnelbear

A small software allowing to override the geographic restrictions imposed by some websites. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

6 / turning Gifs videos

Several tools that allow to cut videos to make GIFs:

7/YouTube Trends Dashboard

Still a small tool that allows to locate videos most watched and the most shared in the last 24 hours. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

8/Go Animate

This last tool allows to create animations kind drawings anime, by writing the dialogues that players must decide with different options of voice, emotions and situations. [browser-shot url= » » width= »600″ height= »450″]

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