Tik Tok, the favorite network of young people!

Those with children aged 8 and over have heard about it!

Tik Tok is the favorite application of young people. Formerly called Musical.ly, it is a social network based on video creation and more specifically, to share clips of them. The opportunity for them to stage and sing in playback their favorite songs.

But the application is the subject of much controversy. Many problems are denounced, sexual predators, cyberharceleurs, confidentiality houlouse …

Already from Musical.ly, there were problems. Notably the main thing was the moderation that left something to be desired.

So with Tik Tok, it’s worse and worse? I would honestly say yes. Moreover, in 2018, it was sentenced in the United States by a very large fine for illegally collecting the personal data of minors.

As responsible parents, it seems to me that we must weigh the pros and cons. In any case, do you say that no social network in the world is 100% safe? Of course we can not ban them from everything, but we must be aware of them.

If I can give you some advice and above all be well informed about the application whatever it is. Secure the account to the maximum. For my part, my daughter who wanted a Tik Tok account (and even Facebook) was concretized by a categorical refusal. She is only 11 years old … I just allowed her to have a Snapchat account that I secured to the maximum.

I remind you again: no social network is safe enough for young children!

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