These social networks that we don’t hear about any more and that promised a lot

I could also have titled it: Top 15 social networks that made a flop…

There are a lot of them, but I counted 15, which is not bad. Let’s get to the heart of the matter without further delay!


Vero had made a name for himself in 2018 but not for long! He was, however, full of promises. His strength lay in the fact that he supposedly did not exploit the personal data of his users… But the opposite was proven.

2/ Peach

Peach promised a bright future ahead of him. A social network without any headache, he took up the great principles of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat and finally blended into the ruthless jungle.

3/ Ello

We’ve all heard about it at one time or another. You had to have an invitation to access it and be able to register. It presented itself as the « anti Facebook. The craze is very fast. The platform still exists but has become « the creators’ network.

4/ Mastodon

Social network of free expression, Twitter, had a bright future ahead of it. But after a brief infatuation, it’s back to anonymity. The platform still works today.

5/ Path

Born in 2012, Path was meant to be « intimate » and the number of possible friends was limited to 50. They later expanded to 150. It was a scandal that made Path become a flop. He would have had access to the phone numbers of his users without their consent …

6/ Diaspora

Diaspora is still alive today thanks to its community which took up the torch when the founders left in 2012. This anti Facebook has not been able to compete with the big beast either.

7/ Sarahah

A controversial social network concept that has not received unanimous support. Moreover, the application is no longer available on Android and Apple apps stores. Judged to encourage harassment of its users, it is slowly but surely declining …

8/ Unthink

This social network wanted to compete on its own with the mastodon Facebook by betting on a fully customizable platform. But here is a tooth break in due form. Since 2014, all you can see on the site is a sentence: « Something pretty cool is coming soon ». We’re still waiting…

9/ So.Cl

In 2011, Microsoft is launching this social network for students. The goal was to compete with Facebook. Result: So.Cl closes for good in 2017.

10/ Periscope

Periscope, which had the wind in its sails, had a bright future ahead of it. But the arrival of live events, especially on Facebook, spoiled its expansion. But its notoriety was definitely marred by scandals, such as suicides or live attacks.

11/ Friendster

Founded in 2002, it was THE social network par excellence. But the arrival of MySpace and Facebook quickly knocked it out. It is now a social game.

12/ Hi5

Here again, he is a victim of Facebook. Founded in 203, it was in 2007 that he found himself catapulted to the front of the stage. Today the platform has also become a social game.

13/ MySpace

Neither did he resist the pressure from Facebook. Today is a bit outdated. He is focused on music.

14/ Ping

Social network created by Apple in 2010, it was specialized in music. It is one of the biggest flop of the company. It will close in 2012.

15/ Eons

It was a social network aimed at people over 50. But in 2007, it was still too early for this kind of new concept. The platform will close in 2012.

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