These social networks have the wind in their sails!

What are this year’s popular social networks?

Yes, Facebook is still the leader! You all also know YouTube, which follows him very closely. You have to admit that the trend is towards everything visual. So it’s quite logical that Tik Tok appears behind it, it’s growing enormously.

But we still find Instagram because it is one of the best social networks for photos. As for more traditional social networks like Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, they are not dead. They are still alive and well and they don’t pick up the phone.

Let’s also talk about the ones we know less about but which are to be watched very closely because they are starting to take off. And if there’s one that stands out, it’s Twitch who’s seriously starting to take off. Social network dedicated to gaming at the base it starts to diversify. And then Whatsapp, which is experiencing renewed success since it was bought out by Facebook.

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