These « pseudo » artists

There are true artists who have talent . They can sing , give emotion , they know how to get a message and they especially do not need artifice . And there are the others …

I already wrote an article about the truth of being an artist. But there are also those who believe to be artists , who empower themselves (and especially who are able to afford ) but not always in a good way …


I don’t know (very well) how to sing …

Me ? Take singing lessons ? But why ? I don’t need it and it’s a waste of time. For some (well, they plug it on the mic ) small false notes , there is the auto tune that turn up trumps .

What is it ?

It’s a tone control . A computer program analyzes the voice frequency and corrects it if necessary to align a scale of notes defined in advance . Correcting in real time , it becomes very convenient and even necessary for some singers at concerts for example. You and I , can now sing without massacring anything J !


#IAmAnArtist… (or not…)

An artist must be present on social networks, it’s an obligation. But for some « artists » , who don’t want  until « real » fans on their pages and accounts, and think that  » it’s good » to have big numbers, find subterfuges that we all know. For a few money,  they can buy fans(toms) and followers (il)legally to give the impression of being hyper mega loved … Why deny ?

The CM i am answers :

You, the new David Bowie, didn’t understand that it’s absolutely worthless to have millions of subscribers or likes if there’s no interaction. Oh! Excuse me, you likes your own posts. You interact with yourself : bravo! Small information : on social media we privilege quality over quantity. And other small valuable advice for everyone : we do not like our own posts or comments, it’s unpopular. It’s like we complimented ourselves.

Unfortunately, this kind of madness is the case of (too) many singers who abuse of these techniques (especially auto tune ) . Because yes, it can be used but sparingly. Or do as the rapper T-Pain which he claims it (he even made an app ) . He ‘s honest. It is really disappointing to hear superstars sing out of tune (you can find substantiations on internet).
And for likes and followers , if you can live without, that’s even better!

It’s not because your name is Britney Spears that you can sing like Celine Dion.

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