These new pets…


We find more and more animals in homes. And it’s not always dogs or cats! Who are these new pets ?

I can boast of having new pets at home but so increasingly common: chickens and ducks. Animals generally called « ornament » that are mostly pets just like dogs or cats. But I don’t like the term « ornament » that reminds me of « decoration ». But an animal of any kind is not a decoration, much less a toy!

We all know that ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, horses or chickens, geese, ducks and goldfish are animals easily « tameable « . And many more !
We start (well, this is not really new) to find snakes, turtles (some species are protected), lizards (iguanas, chameleons …), some spiders (tarantulas) or birds (parakeets , parrots …).
But beware, this is not over, soon we will see squirrels (actually), the hermit crabs, scorpions or why not dwarf shrimp (yes seems it exists), snails or a crocodile in the pool.

The detention of these animals may be subject to regulation in different countries. If I can bring you an advice is to go see a veterinarian. He will give you all the informations for the type of animal you want to acquire and detention procedures.

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