The truth about being an artist

Singers, musicians, actors … The artist’s job is not  » rosy « . Even the celebs (Madonna , One Direction , Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, Slash … ) which, in front of the stage « everything is fine  » don’t live in the glitz and don’t drink only champagne.

Trying to become an artist is a passion, not for money (ok, some thinks … :/ ) ! I’m not an artist but I think their greatest satisfaction and reward could be notoriety ( to be finally recognized as an artist ) .

Whether you call Gregoire or Justin Bieber, you are primarily intermittent . An artist is a self entrepreneur : basically, when you are starting in the profession you become the businessman of yourself because the product to sell is yourself and trust me, it’s not that easy. It’s a big jungle!
Everything can stop overnight and patience and perseverance are the key words . Becoming a public personality is not easy but that’s the game and you have to accept it.

Give (emotion)

When begining , the artist must fend for himself and enter the doors ( without breaking them ). Some are more lucky than others but always start somewhere. The goal is to get noticed . An artist must know generate emotion. He or she must learn to invest without counting ( ouch!  it hurts ) and often finds itself juggling its passion (remember) and a job (the goal is to live one day of its passion but money doesn’t grow on trees ) .
A singer or a musician won’t hesitate to do small gigs at retirement houses , schools … what else !
An actor won’t hesitate to play in small independent movies or a main role in a short film, an understudy in a drama …
With auditions, castings , perseverance and patience , sometimes it pays …

A good way is now crowdfunding which, besides being able to pick up some money may also be a good tool of judgment. Let me explain : imagine you want to create a song (singer or musician ) , you register on a site such MyMajorCompany , you do whatever it takes to promote it, there are two possible options :

  1. You blow the budget (ok, you fart dollars Counter): you can already be proud of you and tell you that you have talent ! That’s it you ‘re the new Adèle 😀 (beware, you still have a lot of work to do to stay on place… )
  2. You don’t even exceed the first level :in this case you must wonder … Maybe not a big change to do but you have to it immediatly and stop it.

Being an international star…

What do you expect ? Rihanna , Eminem , Jessica Alba or  Eric Clapton, while are all in a beautiful world ? Sometimes it hides a great suffering … Too much pressure and it’s depression. Remember this little blonde of Britney Spears … She really felt down low … Luckily, she was able to recover.
You must be always on top for your fans , movies , albums, interviews , tours, TV shows non stop … Don’t forget paparazzi, who certainly do their job but sometimes very invasive …

Morality: the artist’s life is like a tightrope at the slightest misstep , it can fall . Some will lift up and others will lose forever … Nothing is gained in this business.

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