The phenomenon One Direction

One direction

5 boys + leadership = Success story. At the time, they are more than 4 but despite the resignation of one of their ‘brothers’, they are always also welded as the five fingers of the hand.

X Factor

Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are the X Factor One direction x factorUK issue. They are soon found by Simon Cowell (actor, writer, producer and composer). Come audition solo, he will continue in the category « groups » and will meet immediately to the success with the young English-speaking public. However, they do not earn the final… and yet…
Like what a TV show doesn’t mean anything…

« Hi, we’re One Direction! »

We like or we like but we cannot say the facts: « What Makes You Beautiful » has the effect of a bomb (or a rocket) and propelled them to the magical world of world fame (the same rank as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Justin Bieber and so on…).Hi, we're one direction
They will thus follow up tours and albums, they will unfortunately know the dread of any celebrity: the « haters ». These (groupies, jealous, losers?) people who have aims in life from rotting from the other and have fear of anything (Yes, it exists!). It seems to me that that which has been « abused » was Niall but they have all suffered… Were they really ready for this? No person is never quite prepared for this, but the fact is that they are well protected by their ‘family’…


It is a fanbase defining itself as a United family that leaves no « boys » aside (even if they each have their « crush ») and who will defend them tooth and nail whatever happens. Do tell them especially that it is a ‘false’ group. Although it was « fabricated » for X Factdirectioneror, it is not less that this group is real and it works well.
A true Directioner knows he has little chance to meet his idols in real life and it is true, but I also say that in life nothing is impossible… And thanks to social networking stars become more accessible as before, somehow, this allows to approach them more closely.
A true directioner was well aware, that one day everything will stop… But they will never disappear from their hearts and maybe one day they will as NKOTB (New Kids On The Block), 20 years later: surprise! The One Direction reunited are here! 😀

On the road again!

They are currently in full recording of their new album in Los Angeles and resume the road June 6 next to the second half of their tour which kicks off in Cardiff (UK). The first part had begun in February by Sydney ending early April by Dubai.
Unfortunately for french fans, they will not pass by the France this year, but it should next year. For those who have the chance to live in the North, you can always go see them in Brussels on 13 June (there are places). It will culminate with the native country of Niall Horan, Ireland in October.


5-1 = 4

Well Yes, we must talk about also breaking… While they came to start their first part of it the again road tour, a terrifying news for all directioners has surfaced: Zayn left the band One Direction for good!
He had left home some time ago because he supported more pressure… but unfortunately he will never return… He just explained that he wanted to live the normal life of a 22-year-old boy. It is his choice, that everyone must respect even if it is hard.
However nobody has understood when it began to circulate that he started a solo career (we have a definition of « normal life » different). And another big problem compounded… one of the producer… which is another Naughty boy and there it jammed hard! And that is why there is a « clash » between the boys (most recently with Louis)… 

For my part, I am a fan of this group (who said that there was an age, eh?). I can only wish them all a long career on this unstable path is the celebrity.
Zayn looks much happier today, I found it deleted at the start of the tour…

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