The menstrual panty

This week I am giving you a review on menstrual panties.

I had already done an article on the menstrual cup that you can find here. But that doesn’t prevent leaks from time to time. The towels, especially in the summer! Menstrual panties seem to be a good alternative. But what are they really worth?

Of course, before writing this article, I bought some. The first time, it was fine, except that it didn’t go up enough, which got me a few stains, but nothing serious. So I was satisfied and bought some for my daughter. And there was a disaster! Huge leaks on the sides. She changed them every hour. And me no better, the second time, I had to change them in catastrophe… I had to put one back with a sanitary napkin (well ok, the cup wasn’t doing its job either).

I still don’t have enough perspective. It’s a very good alternative if you don’t have an abundant flow or as a complement to another means. I think it would be better to invest in shorties because if the panties are too indented, have leakage. And make sure that the front protection is high enough. It’s still a more natural way than sanitary napkins or tampons.

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