The good resolutions of the Community Manager for 2016 (to be taken right now!)

Often, it is at the end of year that made the list of « good resolutions » for the following year. Well, I am in advance! And why not take them now…

The job of Community Manager is exciting, perhaps a little too much else… It is sometimes difficult to establish the boundary between work and personal life. These few « good resolutions » that it would be good to (really) may be helpful.

Determine « working hours »community manager

Yes, agree it is not obvious… That one works in a society or in telecommuting, all the same thing is done.
But we should still learn from time to time to « pick up ». Especially on weekends, do not remain « tape » to his computer screen, or watch all 10 seconds its smartphone but rather enjoy his family or his friends…

Have a good « tool kit »Kit community manager

To save time (and therefore one have more self-esteem), you need the right tools:

  • Hootsuite: This is a tool that I love because it allows to manage multiple social networking accounts, and it allows you to program its posts. For me, it’s an indispensable tool!
  • An automation tool for sharing content on social networks, like Tweedeck or Buffer.
  • A tool of analysis, like SumAll to know the performance of published content.
  • A day before like Google Alerts tool, to monitor keywords on the internet.
  • I have never used this kind of tool, but it seems to me essential to at least have one in his « Kit » in case you’d want to have to hold competitions on social networks.
  • Personally, Cameron or the art of creating optimized images is THE tool to have.
  • A site for copy and paste easily the emojis in Twitter. I use this one.
  • A URL Shortener: Yes, it is very convenient and more than you think! Here’s one that I use:
  • Finally, it also seems that a web address to create an infographic is not superfluous in its « Kit ».

Afterwards, everyone to adapt its « Toolkit » according to his tastes and needs. This list is, of course, not exhaustive.

Imperative or morning ritualcoffee cm

First and foremost and rush on his smartphone and your computer or its Tablet: take the time to drink a good coffee. This is important!

Stop to take the lead…

When I have a concern, I does not stay hours tearing my hair trying at all costs to find a solution immediately and all alone in my corner.
The CM community is large enough and between Community Manager, is caring, he should not be afraid or ashamed to ask a question or ask for advice.

Here are the groups to which you must be a member (non exhaustive list):

That, I think that if already we stick to this, on does not drown themselves in the maze of the internet. Do not hesitate if you have any suggestions to make.

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