The darkweb

I take you to the dark side of the web …The darkweb is none other than the hidden part of the web. Do not try to access the obscure part via your favorite search engine, you will waste your time. Do you know that in reality you see only a tiny part of the internet?

What can we find there?

Information often … illegal. For example, you can get drugs or weapons through the mail. But you will say to me: « Impossible, you must be mad to do that! » No, not at all, to pay you use bitcoins, 100% virtual currency (I will return in a next article). You can also buy pirated accounts or credit card numbers.

How to get there?

I surely will not give you a course of « how to get quietly delivered home, a pound of drugs or a bazooka ». That is not the goal. But as I said in the introduction, it is not Google or Bing that will take you to the black depths of the web … To do this requires an adequate search engine. Here’s an article that explains how to access it.

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