Tale of a pandemic that is not yet over…

That’s heavy stuff!

We’re going to get right to the heart of the matter because this article is going to be long!

First signs

So, we already disagree on the dates: November or December 2019? Well, it’s definitely November, maybe even earlier. But it was in November that the first cases appeared in China and also in Italy. At the time, we obviously didn’t name it yet because we didn’t know what it was yet. Indeed, some Italian doctors had reported a strange pneumonia circulating in northern Italy. At the same time, a first case of infection appeared in China. It seems obvious to me that the virus had to circulate before November (this famous patient zero).

The warning

The epidemic spread quickly. However, it took more than a month before a doctor really sounded the alarm. The Chinese authorities tried to silence him by arresting him for allegedly « spreading rumours ». In the meantime, the facts are there. Let’s not make waves at the very beginning, but imagine how many cases are multiplied in 1 month and a half!? Why, at this stage, do you still want to cover up the case?

Governments’ lack of concern

As the Chinese went into lockdown, the rest of the world lived… without fear. We will have to wait another month, i.e. January 30, 2020, for the WHO to declare a state of emergency. During this time, 18 countries will be affected. But our respective governments continue to assure us that everything is fine, everything is under control… Except that, little by little, the bird is making its nest. While some countries trigger plans like North Korea’s January 22nd shutting down its borders, others are waiting.

Well, actually… It’s not good…

We’ll have to wait until March to really see it as a very big worry. There, nothing’s going right now, let’s get on with it, there’s indeed an emergency! There are those who are for containment and those who prefer to rely on group immunity. The earth has almost stopped spinning. The fauna and flora could come out of their long hibernation and regain their rights. The environmental effects have been more than positive with the confinement of humans. The Earth could finally breathe. A total of more than 200 countries were affected by this pandemic.


One of the first negative consequences of containment is of course economic. Even large companies have had to go into receivership. The mortality rate literally exploded, self-medication poisoning was rampant and mental health took a hit too. There have been some positives that make sense to me, such as road accidents and strokes, which have been greatly reduced.


Yes, there is! But it would take far too long to list them. Loopholes and inconsistencies even at this time. One of the main ones is the number of dead. Where some countries like China has minimized it, elsewhere one wonders if it has not been overestimated. Let me explain, don’t you think it’s strange that we don’t hear about other diseases? You’d have to believe that this year’s seasonal flu hasn’t come out (so it’s left its place to the girlfriend?). I had read somewhere (now I’m speaking for France) that all the deaths would have been tested and if positive, it was added to the list even if it wasn’t the cause (the info couldn’t be verified)? In almost every country in the world there have been inconsistencies. I don’t mind them groping around, but don’t they say that prevention is better than cure? Why did you make the population take so many risks? That will be the subject of another article.

Chloroquine treatment

So I never had or could have an opinion on that. I really don’t know what to think about it even now. It’s a drug that is prescribed for the treatment of malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and some forms of lupus. According to the latest study, which remains controversial, this treatment is ineffective and even dangerous. Moreover, the WHO has announced that it is stopping clinical trials.

Still, this is not the end of this pandemic. There are still many (too many) questions that remain unanswered…

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