Sweet France : Martinique

With an average of 24 to 31°C, welcome to Martinique!

nicknamed « the island of flowers », Martinique is a Caribbean island that is part of the Lesser Antilles. The capital is Fort-de-France.


The first thing to see when you arrive in Martinique is the Saint-Louis cathedral erected in 1850.

You should continue through the Departmental Museum of Archaeology and Prehistory of Martinique.

Finish your visit with Fort Saint-Louis, which is of the Vauban type.


Make the most of this tropical nature by walking, nothing like it! Here are some ideas…

Mount Pelee Volcano

Get away from the coast by riding the great lady in the north.

La Caravelle Nature Reserve

Take one of the most beautiful hikes on the island. You will admire natural and dazzling landscapes. Climb to the top of the lighthouse for a 360° view.

Treasure Bay

It is a discreet beach surrounded by numerous mangroves. Take a dip in these blue waters.

To visit

In the commune of Les Trois Îlets, you can visit the sugar cane house.

The zoo of Martinique is worth the detour with its historical ruins.

It is in Sainte-Marie that you will find the banana museum.

At the northern exit of Saint Pierre, the earth sciences discovery centre will allow you to find out more about the eruption of the volcano which took place in 1902.

North of Trois-Îlets, you can discover the shellfish and sea museum.


10 km north of Fort-de-France, you can explore the botanical garden of Balata.

The slave savannah in Trois-Îlets traces the history of the island’s heritage.

Located not far from Ajoupa-Bouillon, the cliff gorges will bewitch you.

As for the Mangrove of Génipa Bay, it is a nature reserve.

The Domaine de l’Émeraude is an arboretum.


Here are a few remarkable beaches such as the beach of Les Salines, the large Anse d’Arlet where you could see sea turtles, the beach of Pointe Marin, the beach of Diamond which owes its name to the rock facing it, the bay of the English or the French… There is no lack of choice here.


We finish with rum with two distilleries which are really worth it: the Depaz distillery and the Favorite.

We will continue next week through Guyana.

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