Sweet France : Guyana

Welcome to French Guyana!

French Guyana is located on the northeast coast of South America. It is largely covered by tropical forest. Its capital is Cayenne. July is still the rainy season.


About thirty kilometres from Cayenne is a huge city, 90% of which is occupied by the Amazonian forest. In the surroundings, there is the village of Cacao. So if you are fond of chocolate, it seems to me that this is a must!

The Amazon Rainforest

Hiking enthusiasts, why not go trekking? On the other hand, just a tip, if you don’t want to get lost, a guide is highly recommended!


It is absolutely necessary to go to the beach of Awala-Yalimapo to admire the laying of turtles which takes place from April to June and extends over the 5 kilometers of the beach. There are nearly 5000 turtles that come to reproduce several times a year.

Guyana Space Centre

A must-see place to see rockets take off.

Kaw Nature Reserve

This reserve covers more than 8 million hectares. Virgin forest, half of which is classified as a protected area, you will be able to observe more than 1300 species of trees, 190 species of mammals, 720 species of birds and 480 species of fish. It is the largest nature reserve in France!

Next week we’re doing a huge voucher because we’re going to the other side, to Reunion Island.

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