Sweet France : Corsica

We’re going down to the Isle of Beauty. Are you following me?

Almost half of the island is classified as a natural park, it’s up to us to make beautiful hikes! Corsica has been part of France since 1768. Its capital is Ajaccio.

Most beautiful beaches

Corsica being an island (no, no kidding ? 😀 ), you will find beaches galore. We start with Haute-Corse to finish in the south.

Saleccia beach

Change of scenery guaranteed in this corner of paradise. 1 km of fine sand bordered by juniper dunes and Aleppo pines where you can get a full tan because this beach is partly naturist. We start off strong, don’t we?

Lumio’s beach

This beach is about ten kilometres from Calvi.

Nonza beach

The peculiarity of this beach is the greyish colour of the sand as it is partly made of black pebbles.

Campomoro beach

900 m of fine sand where you can meet sheep, donkeys or cows…

Rondinara beach

It’s a small gulf shaped like a shell. This beach is about 18 km from Bonifacio.

Palombaggia beach

12 km from Porto-Vecchio, find this little corner of paradise. Beware, it is very busy in summer.


You have to spend a few days there to discover all its beauty. A small tour of the Square César-Campinchi market will be a must during your visit.

Place d’Austerlitz, you can admire life-size Napoleon.

If you want to improve your historical knowledge, I suggest you go to the Maison Bonaparte and the Museum of the History of Corsica.


The town owes its name to a stronghold. Between sea and mountains, it will be a total change of scenery for you. To learn more, go to the Bastia history museum!

On the other side of the port stands the Governors’ Palace which overlooks the city. You can cross the Romieu garden and reach the Genoese citadel.

Finally, the majestic cathedral of Sainte-Marie-de-l’Assomption will captivate you.

Cape Corsica

The Corsican cape is the finger pointing to the mainland. You will be able to find the mountains and the beaches. The hikers will be able to give themselves to heart joy.

I’ll let you enjoy your well-deserved getaway. Next week we’ll fly to Guadeloupe.

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