Storming North America : Wyoming, Utah & Nebraska

It’s soon Halloween! It will be a special article but we will visit anyway! 😀

This time, it will be a festive article!


The equality state is also mountainous. It is one of only two totally rectangular states. The other being Colorado we will visit a little later. The capital, which is also the largest in Wyoming, is called Cheyenne. It is the least populated state of all the United States.


It is a city that invites you to take a tour in the past. Welcome to the Wild West! Long live the cowboys, the rodeos etc … You are in the city where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane dragged their gaiters. Visit the Wyoming State Museum. The Cheyenne Botanic Garden is worth the trip too. Do not miss the Peace Garden or the Discovery Pond.


The beehive state whose capital is Salt Lake City is known for its great geological diversity but also for its large Mormon community.

Zion National Park

With 18 marked trails of all levels, you’ll have something to do! This park is home to impressive cliffs with dazzling colors blending red, orange, pink and beige.

Arches National Park

A variety of landscapes with incredible panoramas await you.

Salt Lake City

When you are told Salt Lake City you are thinking about the salt lake and you are right. It is a prehistoric remnant which, in my opinion, should not be missed!

But there is also the historic site of Temple Square to discover. 14 hectares including gardens, museums and historic buildings.

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon National Recreation area

This park is huge, covering the area around Lake Powell, the second largest man-made lake in the country. The perfect place for canoe trips.


Nicknamed « comhusker state », its motto is equality before the law. So we leave the mountains for the big meadows. Lincoln is the capital. Its landscapes are mainly composed of vast meadows devoid of trees. Nebraska is one of the poorest states in the country.

Buffalo Bill Ranch Historical Park

The Buffalo Bill Ranch is located a few miles from North Platte.

Omaha children’s museum

If you have children with you, this is where you have to take them. There is a large exhibition area. It also offers educational and awareness programs.

I know it does not feel like it’s Halloween special. But do not forget that in the USA, Halloween is everywhere! So put on your suit and try American trick or treat!

Next week, I’ll take you to Arizona and New Mexico. By then I wish you all a very happy Halloween! 🙂

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