Storming North America: West Virginia and Virginia

More than 3 weeks of travel, you have to enjoy!

West Virginia

Nicknamed « the mountain state », West Virginia’s capital is Charleston. It is one of the wildest states of the American East. It is also the most affected by drugs.

Coopers Rock state forest

Nature lovers will find more than their account in this state. Here you can go mountain biking or climbing. From the Raven Rock Trail you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the northernmost gorges of West Virginia.

The small Bahamas of the East

Summersville Lake will amaze you with its turquoise waters. Fishing, boating, scuba diving and hiking, you have the choice. The Gauley River draws crowds with its world famous whitewater.

Green bank telescope

To the east is the largest white area in the country. That is to say, a free zone of all waves. A giant telescope is trying to capture radio signals from space.

Seneca Caverns

Adventurers, you will dive here 50 meters underground! The largest cavity is 18 meters high.


The « old dominion » or « mother of presidents » is one of four states to be called Commonwealth. Its capital is Richmond. In this month of February, it is between -1 and 11°C.

Smithsonian Nationial Air and Space museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy center

You will be impressed by the sheer size of this museum. More than 60,000 rare aircraft and spacecraft are exposed to it.

Shenandoah National Park

Admire the mountains of this park as you travel the 175 kilometers of scenic Skyline Drive. You will discover an exceptional wild nature!

Washington’s Mount Vernon Residence

Visit the property of the famous general who was the first president. A house steeped in history.

We are almost at the end of our great trip. Next week we will visit the last two states of the American metropolis: North Carolina and South Carolina. Enjoy !

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