Storming North America : Washington state and Oregon

We leave Alaska for the state of Washington and we will go to Oregon. Fasten your seat belts and rendezvous in 2:15. The company Isabelle Airlines wishes you a pleasant trip!:)

Washington state


The Evergreen state welcomes you! We landed in the city of alternative rock. Birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, it is a multicultural city.
The first thing to visit is the Space Needle, this futuristic flying saucer tower that appears in many movies.

Fans of museums, do not miss the Seattle Art Museum which is located in 3 different places of the city.

The Experience Music Project invites you to discover the history of rock through blues and hip hop. You can test your musical skills on guitars, drums and other instruments of the Microsoft Lab.

If you like history, then you have to walk to Pioneer 

Square, a historic district of the city easily recognizable thanks to its huge totem in the center of the neighborhood.

I could also advise you to visit Seattle seen from above aboard a helicopter. Another way to discover this majestic city!

Dante’s Peak

You all know the movie? Welcome to Mount St Helens where the filming took place.


Although the state of Washington is full of treasures, time is running out. But I am sure you will find on the internet other places to visit. We will finish the discovery of this state through the capital Olympia.


We’re going straight to Oregon. Nicknamed « The Beaver State »  whose capital is Salem, we offer beautiful landscapes. Yet the capital is less known than Portland, which is the most populous city in the state. Besides, this is where we start!


The « City of roses » opens its parks and gardens and there is plenty to do!

Hells Canyon

The Hells canyon is framed by the mountains of the devil :D. It is actually the deepest canyon in America (no Lucifer is not going to appear: D ).

Crater Lake

Inescapable place for the lovers of splendid landscapes!

Next week we are tackling California!

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