Storming North America : Nevada

Welcome to the typical American West!

« The silver state » or « the battle born state » owes its name to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, do I really have to give you the name of its name? For the blond heads I say it anyway, it’s none other than the luxurious city of Las Vegas, be careful, play games, nothing goes!

Las Vegas

Nevada = Las Vegas of course! Yes but no. If you think that this state stops at this city, read quickly what will surprise you. It’s all the same that everything starts …

I rush this step to take you to New York New York rollercoaster. Opened in 1997 and composed of 12 buildings representing of course the city of New York, this casino hotel is best known for its roller coaster that crosses it. First looping heart-shaped, hang tight and run 64 meters to 110 per hour! But do not forget to take a walk there too.

A little history ? The Mob Museum traces the impact of organized crime and mafia on the history of Las Vegas.

Do not leave without visiting Madame Tussaud‘s famous museum at Hotel Venitian, which presents more than 100 wax statues of various personalities.

Great Basin National Park

We leave the lights of the city for the magnificence of mountainous terrain where streams, waterfalls and lakes will dazzle you with their beauties. This park is home to many pines over 3000 years old. You will be able to visit the Lehman caves as well as the Wheeler Peak, unique glacier of Nevada without forgetting Lixington Arch which comes from a rather imposing rock formation.

Rhyolite ghost town

This ghost town near Death Valley takes its name from a typical rock of the region. There is a museum at the entrance of the city that traces its history.

Route 50

Fill up on gas and embark on this highway which crosses 11 states on 5100 kilometers. Nicknamed the most deserted road in the United States, you can admire mountains, deserts and forests on the portion that serves Nevada.

Valley of Fire State Park

It is the oldest park in Nevada. It is particularly known for its formations of bright red sandstone and its vegetation composed of cactus, a true natural wonder.

I hope that this pleased you ! Take a break because next week is not 1 or 2 but 3 states that I take you to visit. From Wyoming to Nebraska to Utah, plan good shoes and get ready for a hellish road trip!

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