Storming North America : Montana and Idaho

Let’s go to Montana this time, finishing with Idaho.


The capital of Montana is called Helena and the largest city, Billings. Nicknamed « the treasure state », it is the 4th largest state in the United States. We have 3 1/2 days to visit. Let’s not waste our time !

Big Sky

We will discover the authentic west spread over 4 mountains. Ride the most dizzying trail in the whole country. Ski, go hiking or just go for a ride, whether snowshoes, sled dog or horse. But beware, you only have one day!

Discover the Amerindian traditions!

Montana will delight all fans of the history of the American West. Visit the Museum of the Plains at Browning. Totally preserved Indian cultural heritage that will allow you to immerse yourself in secular Indian traditions.



It is the most populous city of the state as said at the beginning. you will be surprised by its art galleries, its western-style shops, bars and restaurants. But do not forget to visit the Yesllowstone Art Museum or the Montana Zoo.


The Gem State warmly welcomes you with its rocky mountains renowned for the beauty of its landscapes. Its capital is none other than Boise.

Craters of the moon national monument

Located in the center of the state, it is a surrealist vision. Find some unsuspected plants and animals. 15,000 years shape this extraordinary landscape. Hiking, speleology or exploration of tunnels formed by eruptions, you can even camp on a lava field!

Sun Valley

Because here too we can ski, I propose to spend another day in a ski resort of choice. Art lovers, outdoor enthusiasts or connoisseurs, there’s something for everyone.

Bayhorse Ghost town

The Ghost Town of Bayhorse is a low-traffic loop trail located near Challis. You can see birds and wild flowers.

Silverwood theme park

Because I am a fan of amusement park, why not spend the last day before going to other countries? Nearly 70 rides, shows and even an aquatic center await you. However it is open from May to September so be careful!

We will have all next week to visit Nevada. Be careful, it will flare up!

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