Storming North America : Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky

Hop hop hop! Let’s not waste our time !

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King’s birthday, it’s a holiday in the United States. It is necessary to know it to prepare well its trip.


The wolverine state, also known as the Great Lakes State, whose capital is Lansing, is almost entirely surrounded by the great lakes that form a border with Ontario in Canada.


Detroit is the largest city in Michigan. It is called the city of engines because it is here that began the mass production of automobiles.
And especially that of the famous Ford brand.

Discover the Henry Ford Museum in the heart of the city.

The city is also home to a unique zoo, the Detroit Zoo will immerse you with its underwater galleries in the middle of 80 penguins.

The arts are still in the spotlight with the Detroit Institute of Arts which hides more than 100 galleries with an impressive collection of works by artists such as Andy Warhol and Edgar Degas.

Probably Detroit’s most interesting lane where you can wander around contemplating contemporary visual art exhibitions. The Belt is in perpetual evolution.


Sleeping Bear Dunes National are perched dunes that give the impression of being carved. A magical landscape that stretches for 56 kilometers long. Not forgetting to mention the Pictured Rocks National which are part of the wonders to explore.


The buckeye state is the 7th most populous state in the United States. Its capital Columbus occupies a place of choice in history.

Rock & roll Hall of fame

It’s in Cleveland that you can celebrate pop rock or heavy metal as it should. He pays homage to the biggest names of the genre.

Cedar Point

You all know now that I am a fan of amusement parks. In Ohio, there are two main ones: this one and Kings Island. But I chose Cedar Point because it is famous for its roller coaster. There are no less than 18 of all kinds. There is also a water park, an educational farm and a beach.

Lake Erie Islands

There are dozens of small islands punctuating Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio. This is where you will find the Beer Barrel Saloon which is the largest bar in the world. You can also visit the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes: the Marblehead lighthouse.

National museum of the U.S. Air Force

Amish country

Northeastern Ohio is home to America’s largest Amish community. They generally refuse the comfort and technology of the modern world. They prefer to dress sober and here the carts replace the cars.

Short North Arts District

If you stop in Columbus, make sure you go to this area. Trendy shops, parks, restaurants will greet you the day before going to fiesta in the many bars of the district.


The bluegrass state, the hemp state, or the tobacco state is a commonwealth (official name worn by 4 of the 50 states). The capital is Frankfort.

Muhammad Ali Center

This museum is dedicated to the story of this famous boxer. It is located in downtown Louisville.

Mammoth Cave National Park

It is the largest known cave system in the world with nearly 643 kilometers of underground galleries explored and mapped.

BB Riverboats

It is absolutely necessary to borrow one of those paddle boats that seem to come from another era. You will find them in Newport. Several types of cruises are proposed.

Kentucky Bourbon trail

You can not leave the region without tasting the native alcohol of the country. No less than 9 distilleries await you to attend the distillation of bourbon.

National Corvette Museum

Here too, car enthusiasts will find their account. Discover the history of motor sports and admire 80 Covettes of all kinds. You will also be able to perform a circuit tour at motorsports.

This week is rich in discoveries. Of course, I made choices but it is up to you to develop and make other discoveries. Big week also next time as I take you to 4 states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

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