Storming North America : Dakota from north to south

North Dakota to the south, two states for the price of one!

North Dakota

The Peace garden state or roughbrider state or the flickertail state is a state of the midwest. This name comes from Dakota Sioux tribes. The capital is Bismarck. Many characters have walked these lands.

Enchanted Highway

This is where you will find a kind of art gallery in the countryside. Over 48 kilometers, you will find huge metal sculptures. From grasshoppers to fish, to pewter characters, the road ends in Regent where you will find a souvenir shop offering all these miniature sculptures.


About sixty kilometers away is the Lewis & Clark interpretive center and Fort Mandan, which was the winter camp for the expedition of the two famous explorers.

Grahams island state park

If you are fishing lover, this is the place. This park surrounds Devils Lake, it is the largest in the state. Swimming and navigation are also hobbies offered by this magnificent site.

South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore State has a sacred motto: « Under God, the people govern. » On the 28th, it’s Thanksgiving, it’s here that we will pass it to Pierre, its capital or the largest city of Sioux Falls. Tourism is the second most important economic sector of the state, the first being agriculture.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The first place we think of is this one. Contemplate the famous faces of four American presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln), a sculpture work that lasted 14 years!

Badlands National Park

Impressive rugged mounds and rocky slopes make up this park, which contains fossiliferous deposits 25 to 35 million years old.

Custer State Park

Do you want to see bison free? So this is the place!

The Little House On The Prairie

Yes ! You can visit the farm where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up.


The historic city where Calamity Jane is buried. It was here too that Jack McCall shot Wild Bill Hickok in 1876.

Spearfish Canyon

Change of scenery at almost 610 m altitude, breathtaking panoramas await you …

I leave you to unpack your suitcases for Thanksgiving in Sioux Falls which is a vibrant and bustling city or prefer the tranquility of Pierre. We meet again in some time in Minnesota.

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