Small overview of Adobe software

Everyone knows Adobe. If I say Photoshop, you tell me, it is a photo editing software. Very well, but if I told you hearing, Indesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro… ? Yes, you know, but what are they? There, however this is not the same thing… So let me take you a small overview of the software…

The creative suite of Adobe called Adobe Creative Cloud (where the CC next to the name of the software) and includes a multitude of software, they are tools of creation. But not that, there are others who are not part of this series I’ll introduce you to, because it seems to me that they are also very interesting.


I did not need to introduce it in that one, you all know. A very powerful tool to retouch his photos as many uses.

After Effects

This tool allows to create special effects for all media and from any type of source. Film effects, 3D animations, what give life to your ideas.

Premiere Pro

This is a video editing software. It handles many formats and is very complete. Software that is widely used in the professional world.


This is what is called a PAO (computer-aided publishing). In other words, it’s editing software that allows to create brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, books, posters, newsletters… Graphic designers use it enormously.


It is a vector creation software. With this tool you have in hand what make illustrations of high quality either for print or the web.


It is the must of the WYSIWIG web editors. Whether you are coder or not, it is easy to use. New 2015 is a web creation ‘all-in-one’ toolset that helps you to create modern websites and that adapt to all screen sizes.


It’s a bit like Dreamweaver… except that… No, this isn’t like Dreamweaver, in fact. Here it does not code, it is still easier than Dreamweaver. It is a tool widely used by designers because it is still faster.


It is a complement of Photoshop created to assist professional photographers. It is composed of several modules and thus to organize the work in several stages.

Flash Professional

It is a publication of animations multi-platform tool.

Edge Animate

It is a software for creating interactive and animated web content. This allows to easily create interactive HTML animations or digital publications.

Edge Code

It is a text editor for Web designers and web developers who work in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Since late 2014, Adobe discontinued development of it to concentrate on their Brackets project which the download is apparently free (not verified):

Edge Inspect

This is essential software that is used for previewing of content on different mobile screens.

Elements and Premiere Elements

Supplements, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, they bring even more tools to enhance pictures and videos…

Acrobat Pro

It is a software for editing PDF. It allows you to, create, and especially to modify your files. It also allows you to fill, sign and share these files on all equipment.


Much less known software to the public and especially made for professionals, it allows to mount and create audio content.


It is a professional software for creating content type e-learning.

Submit Express Video

This is a real personal video studio for creating, modifying, and the combination of interactive HD videos.


It is a software to help in the drafting of scenarios and scripts.

Digital Publishing Solution

This is a new product that allows professionals to marketing to create and publish mobile application experiences.


Personally, it’s my favorite. I use it like Photoshop. It is a software for creating images for the web, which at the base, was marketed by Macromedia. It is a super powerful, but unfortunately (for me) Adobe has discontinued its development and the latest version is that of the CS6.


It is a layout for professionals who want to create compositions such as brochures or newsletters.

This is a good little tour d’horizon. Course of Adobe software, there are many others but these are the main.
Me, I am Fireworks, and you, what are Adobe you?

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