Small glossary of web 2.0

Web 2.0

Here is a small selection of words or expressions of web 2.0 that you absolutely need to know!

ip addressIP address:

This is an identification number assigned to each device (computer, server…) connected to a computer network using the Internet Protocol (IP)

Search directory:Directory

This is a web site that includes other web sites classified by themes, categories and subcategories.


It is an XML element that is placed inside a tag and thus give additional parameters to the latter.


  • Campaign:

It is a certification given by one third of the encrypted data for an advertising campaign.

  • SEO:

This is a collection of positions obtained by a website on different search engines and a universe defined queries in relation to the activity of the site.

  • Of webanalytics:

It is an audit designed to measure and evaluate the relevance, reliability and the use of a webanalytique device.


Advanced Research Projects Agency Network is the first network to transfer of packages developed in the USA by DARPA.


This is a required program at the start of a computer and executed each time under voltage or reset. It is also called boot or reboot.


It is the action of a programmer which gives a value to a variable.


This is a website or part of this web site devoted to the publication of tickets. This term was born from the contraction of the words web and log.


It is a system of communication between the components of a computer.


It is a unit of measurement of the speed of data transmission.


This is a pub that like a banner expand widens but this time by automatically, unless the user passes the mouse over.


Means malicious hacker versus the whitehats who are hackers to good intentions. They have a preference for the illegal actions. In the field of SEO, this term is used to describe the behavior of a referrer that uses contrary to the guidelines of Google techniques. These are activities made Automation (build sites automatically for links, generate comments of blogs including links…) with the purpose of referencing to the mass scale.


Court action.


It is a virtual group of individuals linked by centers of common interests or concerns.

Virtual classroom:

It is a type of video-conferencing to meet in real time a trainer and students regardless of the distance.


It is the transformation of a visitor to a web site in prospect. The conversion rate is one of the key performance indicators for analysing the quality of an advertising campaign or a web site.


National Commission for computing and liberties.


It is the activity a Netizen who chats in real-time and interactively with an another user in a network.


This is a feature integrated for the first time with the launch of Google +, which allows users to sort their contacts by predefined or custom group. Users can then select who can see what, according to these groups. This feature was then taken by Facebook with its groups.

Crawl (to a website):

The term crawler a site means scanner or browse a site and extract the most information possible. The objective of the crawl is to know the structure of a site and have exactly the same vision as Google.


It is a technique used by the blackhat to optimize their positioning in search engines. It is for the web server thus programmed to present different web page content depending on whether the remote client is a robot, a search engine or a human visitor.


It is a set of actions aimed at reducing the scope of a web site.

Digital native:

It is a person who has grown up in a digital environment with computers, the internet, mobile phones… She did not need to acquire specific skills to adapt to an emerging technology, unlike previous generations.

Key phrase:

It is a two word string and more to characterise the theme of a website (ex: « 3 star hotel Paris » for a hotel booking site). This combination enables the user to specify his query on a search engine.


Or online training. It is the use of the potential of information and communication (ICT) technology, including internet for 1) facilitate access to knowledge and exchange students/trainers, 2) to overcome distances and 3) improve the quality of learning.

text editorText editor:

It is a software that allows the creation and editing of text files.

Ad extensions:

It is an Adwords feature that allows you to insert additional information on the company (address, phone number, additional links to web pages of the site, pictures of products, price etc).


Or English folksonomy. It is a collaborative web content classification method based on a system of tags and sharing of resources made by a community of Internet users.


It is a series of messages or comments on a single topic in a forum or a social network.


or « failure » in french or « missed action ». It is due to perform improper handling on social networks, like publish a message that should remain private.

News Feed:

This is a page that brings together all the activities of the persons to which a user is subscribed.


It is a passionate person (like me) of computer science, diligently following the latest technological advances.

Google Panda:

The Panda algorithm conducts a massive skimming of sites whose content is considered little interesting for Internet users.

Google Penguin:

This is the code name for an update of the Google PageRank algorithm. It is designed to reduce the positioning of websites that violate the guidelines of Google using abusive SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, participation in exchanges of links, duplication of content etc.


It is a mode of organization of digital text documents characterized by the existence of links between them.

Dress up:

Advertising is totally integrated into the design of the web site.


or how to give life to a webpage in several stages: 1) cutting of the template in HTML in ensuring that the code either quality, 2) implementation of CSS in accordance with as close to the original graphic design, 3) the establishment of the various elements of navigation for optimal ergonomics and 4) the addition of textual and visual content.


It is a person who has enough notoriety and credibility to be dramatically resumed on social networks.

Digital identity:

What we say to ourselves, the way we we present on the digital territories, through identity markers such as the logo or graphic.


This is a free javascript library that focuses on the interaction between javascript (including Ajax) and HTML. It is designed to simplify the development of scripts.

Keyword stuffing:

In french: keyword stuffing. It is a reprehensible technique of optimization for search engines, which is to include irrelevant keywords in the content of a web page or meta elements.


It is targeted to potential buyers detected lead. This is a click of a user from a web site. Once this click is carried out by the user, its future purchases will be as many percentage of commission for the web site that has attracted this sale.


This is an effect (most often generated by a script) to display content (images, texts, etc.) within a layer that is usually placed dynamically by top web page while darkening it.

Search engine:

It is a website which indexes web content and offers users resources (sites, images, documents…) as closely as possible in response to their request.

Cellular news:

It is the term for a person browsing the internet from a mobile phone.


In the field of web analytics, these are the powers of conversions due to several types of Web marketing campaigns.


This is a set of tacitly recognized rules aimed to « govern » the behaviour of Internet users and uses of the internet. But they are starting to disappear.


These are Notions of Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT) and New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC) gathering techniques used in the treatment and the transmissions of information.


This is a set of actions to improve the performance of a website (in terms of positioning in the search engines, for conversion rate results pages, etc) or an advertising campaign.


It is a process for provision of information via the internet without the user must request it himself.


It is a unit of surface measure a digital image.

Organic scope:

This is the number of unique individuals among the subscribers of a page having seen this page publications in their news feed.

Pogo stinking:

This is the end that a user clicks on the link in the search pages, arrives on the site but restarts immediately.

Qualification of traffic:

In SEO, are actions of optimization to acquire traffic in affinity with the theme of a website.


Rich Internet Apllication or rich internet application. It is a web application that offers the same features than traditional software installed on the computer.

Rich Media:

Field display, it is a format where at least one of the following conditions applies: 1) a real interaction with the user, 2) a dynamic display outside advertising space ‘classical’ predefined technology, 3) use of sound or video.

Mobile SEO:

It is an activity that aims to optimise the positioning and visibility of content specifically tailored for viewing on mobile phones.

Remarketing, retargeting or retargeting:

It is a solution pyblicitaire based like all the others on the principle of hearing through the IP addresses and cookies. One can then identify this hearing. It allows to increase sales or harvest contact, promote or strengthen the brand, strengthen customer loyalty and improve the return on investment of campaigns.


Return on assets or profitability of assets measured in percentage the ratio between net profit and assets involved in the activity. It also said back to attention.


Search Engine Optimization.


Search Engine Marketing. WK = SEA + SEO. It is a set of actions of SEO.


It is a self-portrait done arm from a phone or camera, and then published on social networks.


Society Cooperative and participatory and in french law a corporation.


It is a method used in communication based on a narrative structure of speech that resembles those of tales, stories.


It is a word ‘label’, which allows to identify a web content (blog posts, images…) and to facilitate research.


Transmission Control Protocol or transmission control protocol. It is a reliable transport in connected mode protocol. Developed in 1973 and then adopted for ARPANET in 1976 by DARPA.

Tweet clash:

It is a public dispute and live between two Twitter users.


These are Twitter users.


Means the period of strong economic growth only to known the majority of developed countries, Member for most of the Organization for cooperation and economic development.


Uniform Resource Locator or « Uniform Resource Locator ». Is a string of characters used to locate each of the resources of the internet; HTML document, image, sound…

Unique visitor:

This is a session triggered by every visitor in a 24 hour period. If a same visitor comes back twice in the same day, two visits but a single unique visitor will be recorded.


This is the automatic delivery of content on social networks through recommendation and shares from one user to another.


It is a term that defines all of the steps necessary for the creation of a website: structure of the site and content (tree, wireframe, navigation…), creation of the graphic design, production of elements for integration.


What You See Is What You Get which means what you see is what you get. It refers to an intuitive interface: the user sees directly on the screen what the (printed) final result will look like.


Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is a language of markup used to write web pages based on the syntax defined by XML.

Y (generation):

It is a term used to describe the sociological generation of people born between 1980 and 1999, also called Digital Natives.

Catchment area:

This term refers to the geographic area of influence of a commercial establishment.

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